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12th Annual International Student Conference

12th Annual International Student Conference on US – European Relations

"Enemies, Clients or Partners: EU and US Attitudes
towards the Middle East and North Africa"
April 16 – 18, 2015
Aix-en-Provence, France

The Institute for American Universities, France, in partnership with The Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies at Juniata College, USA, is pleased to announce the 12th Annual International Student Conference on European–U.S. Relations to be held in Aix-en-Provence, France at IAU from 16-18 April, 2015. The conference has been held since 2004, with the co-sponsorship of the European Students' Forum - AEGEE. Its principal aim is to provide students with an accessible, open venue where they can explore the character and future of US–European relations, and evaluate significant differences between the European Union and the United States both structurally, and in relation to important international issues.

The highly topical and controversial general theme for this year's conference has been chosen in order to explore possible connections between the continued threat to peace posed by international terrorism and significant historical changes – economic, political and social – occurring in a region popularly identified as a major source of terrorist activity. The theme of the conference has been deliberately tailored to encourage a search for genuine, longer-term solutions rather than just to engage in recriminations and retaliatory impulses that have tended to dominate the media and political discourse, the effect of which has only exacerbated challenges to world peace. Speakers at the conference have been selected for their expertise as well as for their capacity to present students with an essentially sober and thoughtful interpretation of recent shocking events and an analysis of future dangers. Participants will turn from past counter-productive responses of both US and EU policy-makers toward the deeper causes, and longer-term remedies, perceptible both in the management of international relations generally, and in major economic and political transformation already apparent in the countries of the region concerned.

The proceedings of the conference will be conducted in English. During the opening evening session and for most of the first full day, participating students will hear from academic and professional experts on the general theme, whom they will have an opportunity to question in plenary. Then, over the remainder of the time available, American students will engage directly in reflections on the main issues with their European counterparts, as well as those from elsewhere. They will also be expected to seek solutions together for confronting the challenges of living in today’s world. Conference Fee is 125 euro ($145) and covers meals, lodging and a theatre production.

Those interested in participating should contact IAU’s Dean at