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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

The Mediterranean Core Art Program

The mission of the Mediterranean Core Art Program is to expose students to the diverse histories, narrative, cultures and artistic movements of the Mediterranean Basin in Europe and Africa. The program looks at contemporary artistic practices to gain a thoroughly understanding of the region. Through interdisciplinary seminars, field studies and site visits with working artists and artisan's students become integrated into the contemporary and historical practices of region.

The Mediterranean Core Art Program improves students' visual perception, and provides them with cross-cultural perspectives through painting, drawing, and ceramics. Through both creating works in different cultural settings/contexts as well as through exposure to artistic production in galleries, museums, and studios in Europe and North Africa.

An interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach:

  • Studio art
  • Art history
  • Museum studies
  • Field studies in Europe and North Africa (Morocco or Tunisia)

Program-specific field studies:

  • Day trips to Aix-en-Provence and Marseille
  • Multiple-day excursion to European and North African (Morocco or Tunisia) countries. Note that destinations are subject to change every semester.
  • Site visits in South of France

The program requires 15 credits

  • Mixed Media Studio Course (3)
  • Drawing and Painting (3)
  • The Mediterranean Seminar (3)
  • Art History or Museum Studies or Mediterranean Studies (3)
  • Language and Culture (3)