Interested in pursuing an American degree in France? Learn about options through IAU's degree-granting institution - The American College of the Mediterranean.

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

The School of Business & International Relations

The IAU Business & International Relations Program gives all semester and summer students the opportunity to take business courses while studying abroad in France. IAU business courses are approved by Fairfield University, an IAU partner institution whose Dolan School of Business is accredited through AACSB, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.  

Through the Business & International Relations Program, students will have the unique opportunity to learn about international business strategies and procedures with a specific focus on the global market. Disciplines taught include, but are not limited to, economics, finance, international business, management, and marketing. 

School of Business & International Relations Newsletters

Each term, the SBIR at IAU hosts a rich program of events for all IAU students. From student conferences to competitions at regional business universities, internship presentations, and lecture series, the IAU SBIR is a highly active community where students are exposed to regionally-specific events relevant to today's business culture. Check out the newsletters below to see what is going on at the SBIR this semester!

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Programs within the School of Business & International Relations

In addition to the regular summer and semester hosted by IAU's SBIR, students can also choose to participate in a credit-bearing internship, available in Barcelona or Aix during the summer or semester terms. 

J-Term Traveling Seminar
Students may enroll in a 3-credit January Term Traveling Seminar through the SBIR. Each winter, students spend three weeks exploring diverse facets of international business while visiting countries at different stages of economic development. The International Business Traveling Seminar is designed for students interested in an academic and cultural experience in France, Morocco, Belgium, and Germany.

Semester Course Requirements

  • Three courses in business, political science, or international relations (depending on semester offerings)
  • One French course
  • One elective from semester offerings