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Study Abroad - Photography: History & Digital Practice in Europe

The Netherlands • France • Spain

December 29, 2020 - January 15, 2021

IAU’s Photography: History & Digital Practice in Europe January Term Traveling Seminar offers students in photography the opportunity to acquire an artistic vocabulary and a technical comprehension of digital photography through museum study and on-site experiential learning in European cities renowned for their art. The questions of observation, composition, digital process, print and screen presentation will be addressed in relation to specific subjects, intentions and aesthetic judgments. Each student's particular experience of place in Amsterdam, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Barcelona will serve as the catalyst for creation throughout the course of the traveling seminar.

Students are expected to bring a digital camera and a laptop with some means of editing, although computers and Photoshop CC will be available during the last week of the program. 


Students can choose one of the following courses:

  • Art 173: Photography: An Introduction to Digital Practice in France, Spain & the Netherlands
  • Art 373: Photography: Advanced Digital Practice in France, Spain & the Netherlands
  • Art History 377: The History of Photography in France, Spain & the Netherlands
  • History 377: The History of Photography in France, Spain & the Netherlands
  • European Studies 378: Photography: Digital Practice & History in France, Spain & the Netherlands

The 2021 syllabus will be available soon!


IAU is sensitive to the ever-changing landscape of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to continue to run our J-Term programs and have created alternative options for each program so that we are ready to pivot should travel restrictions and health guidelines not allow for the original program itineraries to run. Below, you will see the Itinerary A (original itinerary) and Itinerary B (modified itinerary) plans for this J-Term seminar. Students should keep in mind that these two possibilities exist for this J-Term program. We aim to decide on one itinerary no later than October 15. We appreciate your patience and flexibility.

Itinerary A

  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • France: Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille
  • Spain: Barcelona

View details of Itinerary A here. Please note, the schedule is tentative and subject to change. 

Itinerary B

  • France: Aix-en-Provence and Marseille
  • Italy: Florence and Rome

Details of Itinerary B will be available soon!

About the Professors

Pauline Bétrancourt has been an Art Professor at the IAU Marchutz School of Fine Arts since 2013. She teaches painting, drawing, photography and a mixed-media conceptual art class. In 2014 became the extracurricular activities coordinator where her long cross-cultural experience helps her guide IAU students through local life. Pauline regularly exhibits her paintings and drawings. She has a Masters in Fine Arts with honors from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence. She is fluent in French and English.

Hilary Stein holds a Masters of Fine Arts from ACM and the Marchutz School of Fine Arts and earned her BA in Studio Arts and French from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota where she concentrated in Digital Photography. She worked professionally as a freelance photographer and is familar with many angles of the industry. After graduation she was awarded a year-long fellowship at the Marchutz School for the academic year of 2014-15 where she worked as an assistant and studied the unique pedagogy of the school while deepening her practice of painting. She assistant taught painting courses at the Marchutz School throughout her second year of the MFA program. She is passionate about education and enabling students to expand and strengthen their capacity to see deeper into the world. 

Program Fees

January 2021: $5,845

Please note, the program fee is the same for both Itinerary A and Itinerary B.

Program fees include tuition for 3 credits, lodging, insurance, entrance fees to all museums and guest lecture venues, intra-program transportation between each city and for all program-related excursions, daily breakfast and some group meals.

Students who enroll in a January Term Seminar and the spring semester in Aix-en-Provence or Barcelona consecutively are eligible to receive a $2,000 grant credited to their spring semester invoice. In order to be eligible to receive the grant, students must participate in the Early Start Program during the week between the end of the January Term Seminar and the start of the spring semester. The Early Start Program allows students to move in with their hosts a week before the semester begins, receive French or Spanish language instruction, and participate in local cultural activities! Visit IAU's Scholarship website for additional details.