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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences

IAU's School of Humanities and Social Sciences' summer program in Rabat, Morocco offers students the opportunity to study abroad in the nation's capital. Situated along the shores of the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is known for its Islamic and French-colonial roots. The city's most iconic landmark is the Hassan Tower, which overlooks the ruins of the mosque below. The layers of history are unpacked as part of this unique program offering.

Summer 2019 Dates & Fees
The summer term runs from Saturday, June 1 - Sunday, July 14, 2019. Costs for the upcoming term can be found on the Program Fees page.

Summer 2019
 Arrival Saturday, June 1
 Orientation Monday, June 3 -
Tuesday, June 4
 Classes Begin Wednesday, June 5
 Final Exams  Friday, July 12
 Departure Sunday, July 14

Course Offerings
    • CCS/HIS 360Introduction to Moroccan Culture
    • COM/IR 316Media & Conflict
    • CCS/REL 365Women in Islam
    • HIS/POL 320History & Politics in North Africa/the Middle East
    • POL/IR/REL 350Political Islam
    • POL/IR 324US Foreign Politics in the Middle East
    • COM 315Practice of Journalism
    • COM 317International Journalism
    • BUS 301International Business
    • ARAB 101Elem. Modern Standard Arabic I
    • ARAB 102Elem. Modern Standard Arabic II
    • ARAB 201: Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I
    • ARAB 202: Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II
    • ARAB 301: Advanced Modern Standard Arabic I
    Student Life & Housing
    Students have the opportunity to live with a local Moroccan host. IAU encourages the homestay experience, as it offers a unique perspective and insight, but apartments are available as well. Included in the program fees are local site visits and cultural activities in and around Rabat. Also included is a week-long field study throughout Europe.

    Internships & Volunteer Opportunities
    Students are encouraged to participate in the wide range of internships available in Morocco. Additionally, opportunities to volunteer are abundant and widely enjoyed by both IAU students and those they serve and support.


    Aboubakr Jamaï, Dean and Professor, School of Business & International Relations
    MPA, Harvard University
    MBA, University of Oxford 

    IAU's Dean of Business and International Relations, Professor Aboubakr Jamai, MBA leads the summer program in Rabat and serves as its Site Director. Professor Jamaï has been the Dean since 2014, and his professional career spans the business sectors of finance, economics, and journalism. As a professor, he teaches political science and international journalism at IAU and other American institutions of higher education. Among the many prizes and distinctions he has received, Professor Jamaï was named Harvard University’s Nieman Fellow in 2007 and Mason Fellow in 2008. He was also awarded the 2008 Tully Center Free Speech Prize, Newhouse School of Communication, Syracuse University, and the International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists. In 2016 he was honored by the Project on Middle East Democracy. Professor Jamaï has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Higher Institute of Commerce and Management in Casablanca, Morocco, an MBA from Oxford University, and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University. He speaks Arabic, French, and English.