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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Late Arrival

IAU expects all students to arrive in time for orientation and to start classes on time; only those students who arrive on Arrival Day can expect to be met by an IAU staff member or their host family at the Marseille airport or the Aix-en-Provence TGV station.

IAU recognizes, however, that extenuating circumstance may occasionally prevent a student from arriving on time. In such a situation, and assuming the student has kept IAU informed of the problem, the Institute may make an exception to its standard policy and allow the student to attend the session in question provided that he/she arrives within the first week of classes for the fall, spring and summer terms. After that time period the student is considered a “no show” and will not be permitted to attend classes.

“No Show” Status

A. If “no show” status is related to a situation beyond the student’s control (e.g., delayed CampusFrance action or consular processing of the student’s visa despite timely application, flight cancellation combined with problems rebooking, short illness) and the student has been in contact with IAU as the situation unfolds, such a student may choose to defer participation in the program to another semester or cancel enrollment. He/she has one year in which to activate the deferral.

“No show” students who choose to defer will:

  • Need to inform the IAU Registrar of that intention by the end of the second week of classes
  • Be allowed to apply their enrollment deposit to the new semester
  • Be allowed to apply their tuition, fees, and housing payments to the new semester
  • Be responsible for any increases in tuition, fees or housing for the new semester
  • Pay a $500 administrative fee related to the deferral
  • Pay charges related to retaining the host family (can be up to 40% of the semester’s room and board)
  • Forfeit the tuition, fees and remaining housing payment if the deferral is not activated within 12 months (if the student does not enroll at and attend IAU during the following three sessions).
  • Receive a refund of 80% of the difference in tuition and fees only (not housing) if the “no show” was for a semester program and enrollment is deferred to the following summer.

“No show” students who choose to cancel at such a late date will:

  • Need to inform the IAU Registrar of that intention by the end of the first week of classes
  • Be responsible for payment of 80% of tuition and fees
  • Pay charges related to retaining the host family (can be up to 40% of the semester’s room and board).

B. Students who are “no shows” because of their own decisions (e.g., late CampusFrance registration or late application for a student visa, vacation plans), who do not keep IAU informed of the situation as it unfolds, or who fail to notify the IAU Registrar in time will be subject to IAU’s regular refund policy and will not have the option to defer enrollment. IAU retains the right to determine if the “no show” status results from a situation beyond the student’s control or from the student’s own decisions and can request documentation from the student in question.

Late Arrival Status

All students who arrive after the end of the first week of classes are considered “late arrivals.” In consultation with their home institutions, such students may opt for pass/fail status for only one course; such a decision must be made within one week of arrival at IAU. Students are responsible for catching-up and completing any work missed. IAU will not be responsible for reimbursing any portion of tuition, housing fees, or activity fees to “late arrivals” or for recreating excursions or activities the students will have missed.

All students must begin the Campus France and visa application processes immediately upon acceptance to IAU. Any student who is allowed to apply to IAU after the application deadline for the session in question cannot claim that “no show” status was due to delayed CampusFrance or consular action.

Note: Late arrival, deferment or cancellation due to a serious medical condition or other emergency will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Documentation will be required.