Interested in pursuing an American degree in France? Learn about options through IAU's degree-granting institution - The American College of the Mediterranean.

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Courses & Academic Disciplines

At the Aix campus, students may choose their courses across a variety of disciplines. Alternatively, students can focus their studies within a specific discipline by enrolling in an academic track, specialized program, or certificate program. Internships and Field Study Trips and Tours round out the academic options available at the Aix-en-Provence campus.

Semester Courses

Summer Courses

The table below lists all currently available disciplines in Aix. Click the link to view sample courses within that discipline.


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Samples Courses


♦ The European City in Literature and the Visual Arts
♦ Women and the Mediterranean: From Myth to Modernity
♦ Human Development in Cultural Contexts


♦ Archaeology, Art, and Architecture of Provence
♦ European and Mediterranean Prehistoric Art and Archaeology
♦ Modern Art, Provence, and the Mediterranean


♦ Baroque Art and Architecture
♦ Cézanne and Van Gogh
♦ The XIXth Century and French Impressionism
♦ Picasso, Matisse, and the Mediterranean

Art History

♦ Introduction to Art History: Prehistory to Modern Times
♦ History of Museums: The Memory of Mankind from Prehistory to Nowadays
♦ Powers and Identities in the Ancient Mediterranean


♦ International Business Today and Tomorrow
♦ The Global Wine Industry: A French Immersion
♦ Business Ethics in the Global Market
♦ Luxury Management

Communication Studies

♦ Media and Conflict
♦ France as seen Through Its Movies: The 1980s to Today
♦ France During the Occupation: 1939-1945

Creative Writing

♦ Creative Writing and the Intercultural Experience - Beginner
♦ Creative Writing and the Intercultural Experience - Intermediate/Advanced
♦ Creative Writing: Spirit of Place

Environmental Science

♦ Ecology of France and the Mediterranean Environment
♦ Principles of Enironmental Science in Society
♦ Chemistry and Biochemistry of Wine Production


♦ Economic Globalization: Growth and Development
♦ International Economics and the European Union


♦ Deep-Dive into the French Language: History, Acquisition, and Teaching

Film Studies

♦ France as seen Through Its Movies: Post-WWII to the 1970s
♦ France as seen Through Its Movies: The 1980s to Today


♦ Financial Management


♦ Beginning French I
♦ Intermediate French I
♦ Advanced French I: Structure and Expression
♦ Contemporary France: Society, Politics, and Culture
♦ Translation and Structure I: From Colloquial to Literature


♦ Global Environmental Politics


♦ European History: 1970-1918
♦ France and Europe in the Cold War
♦ French Colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa
♦ Provençal History and Culture Through Its Monuments


♦ France and Francophone Literature, a Dialogue
♦ The European Novel
♦ Writing in Provence: Literature and Regional Culture


♦ Luxury Management
♦ Socially Responsible and Sustainable Fashion Management
♦ Intercultural Management


♦ Global Marketing
♦ Wine Marketing and Analysis

Political Science

♦ International Relations
♦ Palestinian Israeli Conflict
♦ US Diplomacy in an Age of Change: Case Studies and Practical Exercises


♦ Ethics in Society
♦ Art Criticism and Aesthetics Seminar


♦ Introduction to Digital Photography


♦ Abnormal Psychology
♦ Human Development in Cultural Contexts
♦ Human Sexuality

Religious Studies

♦ Early Christianity in Europe
♦ The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
♦ The Problem of God


♦ Muslim Presence in Europe
♦ Opera and Politics: Gender Dynamics and Social Representations
♦ Intermediate French: Living in France

Wine Studies

♦ Wine and Food Pairing for the Sommelier
♦ International Wine Trade
♦ Chemistry and Biochemistry of Wine Production

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