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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Barcelona Summer Calendar

IAU's summer program in Barcelona, Spain offers students a wide range of liberal arts and fine arts courses in English or Spanish. Multiple sessions are available starting in mid-May, giving students great flexibility when planning their summers. Accommodations and excursions are included in all IAU programs.

A note to students: IAU advises that students do not make any travel arrangements prior to the first week of classes. Field studies and course excursions can be scheduled during weekends and breaks, so IAU recommends not purchasing any tickets or scheduling any travel until after learning of course requirements on-site.

Summer 2022

Session 2022 Dates Duration Credit Load
 Internship  May 21 - July 16
8 weeks 6
A  June 4 - July 16
6 weeks 6 or 9
B June 4 - June 25 3 weeks 3
C June 25 - July 16 3 weeks 3

  Internship Session A Session B Session C
 Arrival Saturday, May 21 Saturday, June 4 Saturday, June 4
Saturday, June 25
 Orientation Sunday, May 22
Sunday, June 5
Sunday, June 5
Sunday, June 26
 Classes Begin Monday, May 23
Monday, June 6 Monday, June 6
Monday, June 27
Orientation Day-Trip Friday, June 10
Friday, June 10 Friday, June 10
Friday, July 1
 Final Exams  Friday, July 15 Friday, July 15 Friday, June 24 Friday, July 15
 Departure Saturday, July 16
Saturday, July 16 Saturday, June 25 Saturday, July 16