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Office of Admissions
Tel: (800) 221-2051
Fax: (847) 864-6897
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Kurt Schick
Dean of Admissions
& Alumni Affairs

Dr. Jessica Calhoun
Assistant Dean of Admissions 
& Alumni Affairs

Alicia Freter
Director of Admissions
& Customized Programs

Rebecca Coyle
Associate Director

Arianna Zabriskie
Coordinator of Admissions

Rose Guth
Coordinator of Admissions 
& Alumni Affairs

Jude Caywood
Admissions Counselor

Kate House
University Relations Manager
& Admissions Coordinator

Mouna Benbouazza
Admissions Coordinator
& Academic Specialist

Jennifer Nativo
Admissions Counselor

Kirstin Havice
Admissions Counselor

Christina Osiri
Admissions Counselor
& Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion