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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Courses at the English Language Academy


IAU's English Language Academy is pleased to offer courses and training programs for students and professionals of all levels. With a variety of program options, our expert instructors are here to help learners achieve their English language goals, whether they are personal, academic, or professional.  Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to enroll in 90-day content courses taught in English.  These courses, which range from communication studies, international relations, business, art, history, and psychology, are conducted in English and participants will take the course alongside native English speakers.  This presents an ideal learning environment to improve English fluency.

Those participating in the English Language Academy will:
  • Develop and expand general English language skills
  • Increase academic vocabulary and strengthen grammar skills
  • Acquire reading and writing skills to aid in future university studies 
  • Communicate, socialize and network with greater confidence
  • Use engaging communication activities to significantly improve listening and speaking ability
  • Improve test scores in TOEFL exams

Intensive English Courses
Intensive English courses are designed to help non-native English speakers develop their English language skills, as well in order to achieve personal, professional, and academic goals.  These classes can either be taken in 12-week sessions (during the fall and spring semesters) or 8-week sessions (during the summer) and students can choose to take them in a small group format or in an individual format (either in person or online)  
Small-Group Courses
  • Semester-long course (10-weeks, 1 hour/week): € 495 per semester
  • Two semester-long courses (10-weeks each, 1 hour/week) 895
Customized Individual Lessons (in-person)
  • Individual session (one hour):  60 
  • 6 hour intensive course: € 320
  • Block of 10 hours: € 525
  • Block of 15 hours: € 750
Customized Individual Lessons (remote)
  • Individual session (one hour):  55 
  • Block of 10 hours: € 400
  • Block of 20 hours: € 750

90-Day Content Courses in English
Take courses in English alongside native English speakers!  Improve English fluency while learning new academic content and skills. 

Available courses for include:
  • Photography: Intended for students with little or no experience in photography, this course is designed to introduce photography as a means of personal expression and quality composition of an image. Areas of concentration include: creativity, composition, basic computer/digital imaging/editing and critiquing the work of others. Assumes no previous knowledge of photography. Assignments are to be completed with a digital camera.
  • Ancient European Art and Archaeology:  Development of European Mediterranean societies and civilizations from the arrival of the first humans up to the Roman conquest of the continent. Typically includes excursions to sites in Provence.
  • The XIXth Century and French Impressionism: Historical and critical analysis of painting in the 19th century with emphasis on the history of Impressionism. Typically includes an excursion to sites in Paris.
  • French Colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa: This class will examine the region’s contemporary political foundations, with a focus on how the recent colonial past has helped shape the political institutions that were recently toppled.
  • International Economics and the European Union: The effects of greater freedom and liquidity in world trade will be critically analyzed and explained, especially in the light of recent controversy concerning ’globalization'. We shall assess the performance of European Union, as a project of regional economic integration intended to redress many of the alleged defects of the liberalized trade model, and ask whether and how it might offer a viable solution to the need to preserve economic and social cohesion and meet institutional pre-requisites of economic development.
  • Media and Conflict: This course examines the role media play in the progression and public perceptions of conflict. Relevant topics will include media and military intervention, portrayals of protest movements, and news and entertainment coverage of crime, rumors, domestic politics, violence, and ethnicity.
  • International Strategic Branding: Learn to create and manage a global brand taking into account cross-cultural differences. Students will first develop a deep understanding of what is brand management through the analysis of numerous worldwide brands - Apple, Nike, Harley Davidson, Dyson, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Diesel, Samsung, etc. We then develop brand manager skills in the creation of a Provence-based brand and its adaptation for the USmarket. Supervised by a teacher with 15 years of experience shaping brand identities and consulting with French students to help understand the strong cultural roots, students will create their own dream brand ina stimulating & interactive atmosphere.
  • Human Development in Cultural Contexts (Psychology): Study of human development from a psychodynamic perspective. Draws extensively on the theories of such psychoanalytic thinkers as Freud, Melanie Klein, Wilfred Bion and Donald Winnicott.
  • Muslim Presence in Europe: This course is an overview of the long-term interaction between the Muslim world and the West, not as two separate entities, but with emphasis on their historic commonality, and their dialectic relation. The course focuses on the debates regarding the Muslim population in Europe, covering concepts of religion and secularism, the history of Muslim populations in Europe, legal issues, human rights, feminism, and modernity. Field study will take us to specific sites in Marseille, historically linked with the Muslim community.
  • The European City in Literature and the Visual Arts: Exploration of the rise and the establishment of the urban setting as the nexus of contemporary European culture and civilization through cinema, the novel, poetry, music, and paintings. Typically includes an excursion to sites in Paris.
  • International Relations:  Introduction to international relations with emphasis on how international relations have changed as a result of globalization. Typically includes an excursion to Geneva.
Pricing for 90-Day Content Courses in English are as follows:
  • 1 Course (45 hours each): € 900
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