Interested in pursuing a degree in France? Learn more about IAU's degree-granting branch, The American College of the Mediterranean

Bachelor's and Master's Programs


IAU College is based in the south of France, but in the past few years has expanded to include Spain, Morocco, and other European cities. There are many opportunities for students to study abroad in the summer, fall, spring or full academic year.


Aix-en-Provence · In Aix-en-Provence, IAU offers full academic years, summer term and semesters for students at any level of French. Students who spend time in France can choose to participate in one of the many schools located here, including the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, The Marchutz School of Fine Arts, The French Honors Program, and more! 

Paris · In Paris, students can enroll directly at L'Institut Catholique de Paris or La Sorbonne. Courses are taught entirely in French as students study alongside French and International students. Courses in language, history, civilisation, and more allow students to fully immerse themselves in Parisian culture and life.


Barcelona · For students looking for Spanish language and cultural immersion, spend a semester or summer session in Barcelona! Fall, Spring, Academic Year and 3, 6 or 9 credit summer programs are available with courses in Spanish Honors and a wide breadth of other disciplines. 

: Can't choose just one? IAU College offers three January Term Traveling Seminars, each that visits multiple locations. Students interested in visiting Morocco, Spain and France should check out the Europe and the Islamic World Seminar. Students drawn to Greece, Turkey and Italy may want to consider the Mediterranean Basin Seminar. And students who prefer big cities, and want to sweep Europe's most famous places should look into the Great Cities Seminar, visiting Rome, London, Paris, and more!