Interested in pursuing an American degree in France? Learn about options through IAU's degree-granting institution - The American College of the Mediterranean.

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Frequently Asked Questions


IAU encourages students to speak with their home institution's study abroad and financial aid offices to learn about available scholarships. Students can also apply for an IAU College scholarship. Many third-party scholarships are available as well. Crowd Sourcing is a new fundraising technique and you can learn more on the Project Travel website.


Students should speak with their academic advisor or study abroad advisor regarding the transfer of IAU College credit.

Health and Safety Abroad

IAU recommends all students enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. In case of an emergency, it's important to have a communication plan in place along with several forms of contact mediums to use in case of emergency.

The health and safety problems that students encounter abroad are similar to those experienced in the U.S. Often times it's a student's own behavior that directly relates to most injuries and illnesses abroad. In the event of injury or illness, IAU College staff are available to assist your student.

Students should take precautions, listen to advice and always be aware of their surroundings the same way they would on their home campus.

Benefits of Study Abroad

Students who participate in study abroad are attractive to employers because they have a deeper, broader and less nationalistic education. The skills learned and refined while abroad are applicable to the global work environment. Many students also grow as a person, realize their interests and find what it means to be an American as a result of studying abroad. As a result, students may return home as independent thinkers, self-confident and stronger intellectually with greater personal maturity.