Interested in pursuing an American degree in France? Learn about options through IAU's degree-granting institution - The American College of the Mediterranean.

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Certificate Programs

Semester students can choose to select any combination of semester courses from all disciplines offered by IAU. Students with a specific academic focus may enroll in one of IAU's prestigious certificate programs or tracks. These certificate programs include required curriculum to deepen students' academic understanding of the chosen topic.

Creative Writing
Become involved in the cultural, natural, linguistic, and architectural features of Aix-en-Provence and the Mediterranean Basin.

French Honors Program
The French Honors Program is designed for French Majors or other students with demonstrated advanced-level French, interested in a comprehensive language and cultural immersion program.

Mediterranean Studies
The Mediterranean Studies Track is a program focusing on the closely intertwined history, culture, economies, and geopolitical interests as well as environmental challenges shared by the countries of the Mediterranean Basin.

Peace Studies
The Peace Studies Program focuses on the need to understand divided societies and the ethical dilemmas surrounding conflict analyses and resolution around the globe.

Wine Studies

The Wine Studies Certificate Program offers students the opportunity to learn about the complex and vast wine industry, paving the way for a potential future in the global wine world.