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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Mediterranean Studies

The Mediterranean Studies Track is a ten-credit program focusing on the closely intertwined history, culture, economies and geopolitical interests as well as environmental challenges shared by the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The Program includes a variety of Mediterranean-specific courses from which students must select four in addition to a required one-credit seminar. A certificate will be granted after completion of the program.

The site specificity of IAU in Southern France makes it an ideal location for its newest semester program offering. The Mediterranean Studies Program will incorporate numerous study tours to sites that exemplify the diverse Mediterranean cultural milieu found in Provence.

Semester Course Requirements

All semester students pursuing the Mediterranean Studies Certificate will take POL 310 Mediterranean Studies Seminar (1 credit) + three upper level interdisciplinary classes + one required French course + one elective.

POL 310 - Mediterranean Studies Seminar: The seminar will be dedicated to synthesizing the student’s experiences inside and outside the classroom, exploring the various themes in the courses as well as those identified in the guest lectures. The seminar is also designed to aid students in developing their Mediterranean Studies Program research project.

Choose four upper level classes from those listed below, and see full course descriptions in the Semester Course Catalog.

ARC/ARH 309: Ancient European Art and Archaeology
ART/ARH 320 Picasso, Matisse, and the Mediterranean
ART/ARH 341: Islamic Art and Architecture
FRE/HIS 328 (in French): Provencal History and Culture through its Monuments
FRE/LIT 414 (in French): France and Francophone Literature a Dialogue
REL 312: The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
HIS/SOC 304: Muslim Presence in Europe
ES 200: Ecology of France and the Mediterranean Environment
POL 307: The European Union: Integration, Enlargement, Unity
HIS/POL/IR 321: History and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

January Term Mediterranean Basin Traveling Seminar

Traveling SeminarIAU’s January Term (J-Term) Traveling Seminar promotes visual literacy in the history of art and archaeology as well as philosophical literature from the Mediterranean Basin from Antiquity to Middle Ages. It cultivates strong research and critical thinking skills, and develops students’ abilities to synthesize culture, historical, political and social information as it bears upon the visual arts. The academic component consists of a series of on-site students made by academic experts from IAU in addition to local guides and experts in the field of history, art history and archaeology.

Art History 385: Ancient and Medieval Classical Art and Architecture
History 385: Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Cultural History
Archaeology 385: Greek and Roman Archaeology
Cross Cultural Studies 385: Cultural Identities in Mediterranean Europe
Religious Studies 385: From Polytheism to Monotheism, The Early Christian Period in Italy, Greece & France