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Spring 2019: 16th Annual Student Conference

Institute for American Universities

American College of the Mediterranean

International Student Conference on European Studies
"The New Threats to Democracy"

Thursday-Saturday, March 28-30th, 2019 in Aix-en-Provence, France


Lectures, Debate, Round Tables and Student Workshops

Lectures and Debate:

  • “Invisible Changes to our Societies and Political Systems"
    Prof. Jan Urban - New York University in Prague, Czech political dissident and protagonist of the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia

  • “Threats to the Open Society: With Friends Like That, Who Needs Enemies?"
    Prof. David Coombes - University of Limerick, Professor of European Studies, UN consultant on developing democracies

  • "Pathologies of Revolt"
    Prof. David Walker - University of Sheffield, Albert Camus scholar, 
    Chévalier de l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques

  • "Is Climate CHange Paving the Way Towards Environmental Authoritarianism?"
    Prof. Sebestien Llorca - Aix-Marseille University, Professor of Law and Political Science

Round Table Discussion and Debate:

  • "Where Do We Go From Here?" 
    Profs. Philip Breeden, Aboubakr Jamaï, James Skelly

Student Workshops:

Synthesizing the debates and framing the issues in context with the lecturers and fellow students

Lunches, dinners and refreshments will be provided. Conference begins Thursday, March 28th at 6:30pm and ends at approximately 2:00pm on Saturday, March 30th. Open to all IAU/ACM students. Fee of $30 applies to all other student participants and can be paid here. Deadline for registration is March 11th and students can RSVP by contacting IAU Dean of Students, Leigh Smith