Interested in pursuing an American degree in France? Learn about options through IAU's degree-granting institution - The American College of the Mediterranean.

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Housing in Paris

IAU believes strongly in the educational value of living in a French home, and this is the normal arrangement for its Paris students. Home placements are made on the basis of the self-characterization and statement of interests and objectives on the questionnaires sent to each prospective student on admission to the program. This self-characterization is interpreted in the light of the staff's long experience with American students and host families in Paris. Every effort is made to achieve a good match of student, French family and, if there is one, IAU or other roommate.

IAU endeavors to offer our students the best possible student housing arrangements in their host city, while giving utmost consideration to location, accessibility to your host institution, and safety. Students are housed as close to their host institution as possible! Most students can walk to class and use the highly efficient Paris Metro and bus systems to access their host family, school campus and Reid Hall, where IAU's office is located. The average commute from home to school is typically about 15-30 minutes. Rooms are single or double occupancy, and most host families usually host 1-3 students at a time. We take great care to ensure that students are happy with their living arrangements, and we encourage students to talk with their onsite coordinator at any time about their housing situation.


Students in a host family receive daily breakfast and dinner, except on Sundays. Breakfast is a typical French style meal with fruit, yogurt, cereals, bread and coffee or tea. Dinners vary by family, but students can expect to be well-fed and are encouraged to communicate with their hosts about food preparation and planning as this can be a wonderful way to integrate into a French family! Students are responsile for their own lunches and meals on Sundays. However, students have access to their host family's kitchen to store and prepare food. Students also have access to many other dining options in Paris. Once admitted to an institution of higher education in France, even a foreign student may take advantage of the subsidized (and therefore extremely reasonable) restaurants universitaires. These are scattered over the city and serve hearty meals cafeteria-style for little more than what one might pay for a snack in a café.