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Study Abroad with IAU

The mission of IAU is to provide an international education that inspires intercultural awareness and prepares students for responsible roles in a global community through the study of European and Mediterranean history, languages, cultures, and contemporary issues.

Over the years, IAU has modified and enhanced its study abroad programs and curriculum in order to meet the needs of the students it serves. For example, IAU business courses are approved by Fairfield University, an IAU partner institution whose Dolan School of Business is accredited through AACSB, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.  IAU's academic calendar closely mirrors the traditional fall and spring semester calendar that many U.S. institutions follow and its courses are comparable in design and demand of those offered by the students' home institutions. Therefore, students will be quite familiar with course structure, grading and testing. IAU's courses are rigorous and unique, especially because they are able to incorporate region-specific content and experiences.

“IAU gives you all the tools necessary to make the most of this unique experience abroad, but it’s up to the student to take advantage of them.” - Alexa Ecchevaria, Summer 2015

During their time at IAU College students are expected to behave studiously, participate in class and on field studies, and look for ways to better their experience. IAU wants students to integrate fully with Aix-en-Provence which is why we encourage all students to live with French hosts. Not only does this give them a direct connection to the local culture but will also help to improve their language learning. Students may also have the option to attend other study tours, participate in local internships, or volunteer their time.

For questions regarding study abroad at IAU College, please contact or call 1-800-221-2051.