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Aix Semester Internships

Adapting to a new culture involves not only learning the language and culture but also gaining a better understanding of the work environment and how methods and habits may differ from one's home setting. IAU provides access to unpaid, for-credit internships available at local enterprises for Fall and Spring semester students.

Interested students should have at least four semesters of college French and must provide their resume before the start of the semester. While placement cannot be guaranteed for those without upper-level French language experience, it is possible for students with lower-level French to be placed.  These situations are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Students work with the IAU Internship Coordinator to prepare a resume in French, to practice interviewing standards and techniques, and to prepare for placement in a French enterprise. Pre-interviews for these positions will be conducted within the first week of the semester. Due to the careful placement process, students are expected to complete their internship without interruption. The internships listed here are examples of typical internship placement opportunities where IAU students have been placed in the past. 

Students complete a seminar directed by the IAU Internship Coordinator in tandem with their internship experience. They meet and communicate regularly to follow their progress, learn about topical issues in French labor, and work on their reports and final semester project. Students can expect to spend 12-15 hours per week at their internship placement along with an additional 2 hours per week of academic study outside of their internship. Students are awarded 3 credits upon successful completion of their internship.

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Application Process

  1. Students must provide a C.V. and placement request before the start of the semester. Materials are to be emailed to  

    Due Dates
      Fall Semester   Before May 31
      Spring Semester   Before November 30

  2. Students receive confirmation and follow up from Professor Pascale Schaaf, IAU Internship Coordinator at which point they provide a C.V. in French and complete a questionnaire which is provided by Prof. Schaaf.

  3. Students participate in a pre-interview via Skype before their arrival in France. This interview serves to prepare them for their in-country interview once on-site. Students prepare a cover letter in French for their internship placement.

  4. Students arrive in France and finalize preparations with Prof. Schaaf for their interview with their internship host.

  5. Students complete an interview with the internship organization.

Internship Requirements

  1. Regular communication with Prof. Schaaf for the internship seminar

  2. 10-12 hours at the internship site each week

  3. Three written reports in French throughout the semester (2-3 pages)

  4. One final report in French at end of the semester (5-6 pages)

  5. Final poster presentation with internship host, Dr. Smith, Prof. Schaaf and other IAU Faculty