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Study Abroad - Aix Internship Opportunities

Internship options at IAU continue to grow-- to date, IAU has offered over 300 internships to students studying at our Aix-en-Provence campus. IAU’s Internship Coordinator, Professor Pascale Schaaf, is constantly in touch with local enterprises to expand the current offerings.  Oftentimes, diverse student interests and academic backgrounds will prompt the addition of new internships.  In other cases, local businesses and organizations will approach IAU with opportunities.  

The list below is organized by domain with individual internships listed here. The list is not exhaustive, and individual internships are not guaranteed for every semester. Students should contact Prof. Schaaf to confirm that a particular internship is available at a specific time.

To learn more about the internship application process and requirements, please go to our Overview page.

Internship Opportunities

 Childcare  Event Planning  Research - Biology
 Commercial - Local Shops  Human Resources  Support - Purchasing - Accounting
 Commercial - Companies & Start Ups  Law  Theatre
 Communication  Library Science  Tourism
 Education - English  Marketing  Translation - Websites
 Education - Spanish  Museum Science  Web - Social Media - Blogging

*Aix-en-Provence Internship Opportunities*

IAU student Marina was celebrated by her supervisors at Genesis

"Je peux vous dire que Marina a fait un travail remarquable pour le congrès de Grand Rapids. Sa maturité, son professionalisme, son sens du contact et sa bonne humeur ont été également appréciés par notre partenaire américain local. Nous aurons plaisir à recollaborer avec Marina ici ou aux USA. Merci pour la qualité des candidatures que vous nous adressez, Madame Schaaf." - Genesis. Mr. Boussard.

IAU student interns were featured on the Aix Daily News.