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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

The Marchutz School of Fine Arts Core Program


A unique art program for all majors

Discover art in the south of France!

The mission of the Marchutz School of Fine Arts Core Art Program is to help students who wish to study art in France sharpen their visual perceptions of the world around them, decipher their emotional responses to these perceptions, and through a holistic (studio, historical, and critical) discipline, relate their discoveries to an intensive investigation of the nature and aim of art.

n interdisciplinary and holistic approach that unifies:
  • the studio art discipline
  • liberal arts coursework
  • intensive critical dialogue and aesthetics seminars
  • spontaneous perceptual painting and drawing
  • a community of students and artists at all levels
  • extensive museum study
  • painting field studies and excursions
Program specific field studies:
  • 5-day museum study in Paris, France
  • 5-day sculpture workshop in Giverny, France
  • 10-day painting excursion to Venice, Italy
  • Site visits to Arles, St. Remy, the Vaucluse
  • Day-trips to the surrounding countryside of Aix-en-Provence
The Marchutz School of Fine Arts includes:
  • both experienced art majors and students experiencing studio art for the first time
  • access to faculty who have taught and worked as artists in Europe for over 40 years
  • instruction in English and French
  • partnerships with over 300 universities for credit-bearing courses in studio art, art history, aesthetics, French language, and a host of liberal arts courses

"At Marchutz painting means more than just putting a brush to canvas: it means waking up and stepping out your door each morning with an adoration for the beauty of your surroundings and a mindful receptiveness to the present. More than changing my ideas about art, Marchutz changed the way I see. I'm both a better artist and a more receptive student for it." - Stevie, Transylvania University

"Every painting we looked at filled me with wonder. I could not have been any happier than I was looking at and discussing those paintings." -Julia, Ne
wport University

Reflections of a Marchutz School Student