Interested in pursuing an American degree in France? Learn about options through IAU's degree-granting institution - The American College of the Mediterranean.

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Studying Abroad in Florence | IAU

IAU is proud to announce the opening of our inaugural program in Florence, Italy. The center is located in the historical center of town in the Piazza San Marco on Via Camillo Cavour, which is within walking distance to the Duomo and Piazza della Repubblica among other important historical sites in Florence.  

Academic Program 
The IAU academic program is offered in partnership with the prestigious Accademia Europea di Firenze (AEF), which has a long history and tradition focused on Italian language and culture. The partnership between IAU and AEF allows for thoughtful collaboration to design high-impact academic and cultural experiences for students and partner universities.  This joint academic program boasts an impressive list of courses in economics, finance, marketing, management, communication studies, international relations, history, Italian language and culture, dance, music, and religious studies. The academic program is complemented by an important experiential learning component that includes field studies to various parts of Tuscany, Rome, and Milan as well as trips to France, Spain, and Morocco depending on the student’s course of study. In addition to the academic and experiential learning experiences, students will have the opportunity to participate in the lecture series that welcomes prestigious authors, journalists, and experts in their field. 

Internships and Consulting Projects 
IAU has leveraged its long-standing experience in France, Spain, and Morocco as a leader in international education and has developed internships and consulting projects in Florence, Italy to suit the needs of university students in various disciplines. These credit-bearing internships and consulting projects are available for yearlong, semester, or summer assignments.