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English Language Academy at IAU


Customized Instruction to Advance English Language Development

Located in the city center of Aix-en-Provence, IAU's  English Langage Academy (ELA) helps non-native English speakers meet their language development goals through customized instruction and training. Our dedicated faculty and staff work alongside students to improve fluency in English and help them prepare for language exams such as the the TOEFL. IAU is also an approved testing center for the TOEFL exam, making our program an all-in-one holistic training and testing experience.  

IAU is an American-style institution that hosts over 700 English-speaking students from U.S. universities throughout the year.  This English-speaking community presents the ideal environment for students and professionals to practice their language skills.

Benefits of attending the English Language Academy include:

  • An intensive all-English environment to practice and refine language skills
  • Highly qualified, experienced professors
  • Customizable English training experiences (individual, small group, online/remote) 
  • A friendly and dedicated staff, available to help students with academic planning, housing, visa processing, social activities, campus functions, and year-round events 
  • Cross-cultural activities with U.S. students in Aix-en-Provence 
  • Certificate of Completion awarded upon successful completion of the program

Opportunities at IAU's English Language Academy:

Courses and Training
IAU offers a variety of language training opportunities to meet the needs of students and professionals alike.  These opportunities include:

  • Group lessons
  • Individual lessons with customized curriculum 
  • Online individual lessons with customized curriculum 
  • English training for professionals

90-Day Content Courses in English
Those with higher proficiency in English are encouraged to enroll in a 90-day content course in English.  Student can take courses along native English-speaking peers in areas such as photography, international relations, psychology, history, art history, and communication studies.  Participating in these courses will help students improve English fluency while learning new academic content and skills. 

Official Tests

Our site is an approved testing center for the TOEFL exam.  The TOEFL exam is the most widely accepted standardized exam that assesses and certifies English language skills and it is a requirement at most universities where English is the primary language spoken.   

Test Preparation 
Given the importance of the TOEFL exam, it is recommended that individuals consider taking a course that prepares them for the reading comprehension and oral and written expression sections of the assessment.  Test preparation courses can be taken in an individual (customized) format or in a small group lesson.