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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Accessibility Abroad

Individuals with disabilities may find accessibility and accommodation in programs abroad very different from what is found at their home institution. Depending on the program, there may be a great deal of walking or the regular use of public transportation. IAU cannot guarantee access to public transportation, buildings, or public sites.

Additionally, IAU's January Term Traveling Seminars involve walking significant distances each day, extensive time spent standing, visits to possibly non-wheelchair accessible areas, and public transportation and buses that do not offer assistance. 

Although IAU cannot guarantee the accessibility of its program sites and traveling seminar locations, students with disabilities can and do study abroad and IAU believes in providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities on an individual and flexible basis. Upon request, IAU can provide information about the availability of accommodations and accessible facilities on specific programs and can help determine whether this program can meet your accommodation needs. For questions regarding IAU accessibility abroad, please contact Dr. Jessica Calhoun.

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