Interested in pursuing an American degree in France? Learn about options through IAU's degree-granting institution - The American College of the Mediterranean.

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Academics in Barcelona

IAU offers semester, summer and January term programs in the lively and beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. IAU’s campus in Barcelona is centrally located near the downtown Plaça de Catalunya area in the l'Eixample district, which is close to many of Barcelona's famed attractions.. The facilities have been completely renovated with modern amenities to suit the needs of the 21st-century college student. IAU Barcelona employs a full-time student affairs and academic affairs staff to advise, place, house, and otherwise support incoming students for full semester, year-long, and summer programs. It is part of IAU's mission to make study abroad affordable and accessible to the broadest possible range of students. To that end, IAU's Barcelona program fees are among the most competitive.

Located along the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Barcelona allows students to experience the culture of Catalunya. The mild climate, famed cuisine and breathtaking arts give the Mediterranean region a distinct feel, unique from anywhere else in the world.
 Students in Barcelona will have the opportunity to practice their language skills in the classroom and also with native Spanish speakers through language exchange programs and cultural events. Over the course of their time abroad, students can expect to participate in field study trips associated with specific classes, study tours, and day trips, as well as cultural activities like Catalan cooking courses, sports activities, and cava tastings. 

To complete the course curriculum, IAU hosts a plethora of guest speakers and lecturers from a wide breadth of disciplines including journalists, musicians, and political activists. Students who participate in this program will develop a deeper understanding of the Spanish language and its relationship to Catalan history and culture. Full of masterpieces by the famous artists Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí, the city is a classroom in and of itself, exposing students to Modernist and Surrealist architecture and paintings.

Spanish Honors Program

The Spanish Honors Program is designed for Spanish majors/minors or other students with demonstrated advanced-level Spanish, interested in a comprehensive language and cultural immersion program.


i) Spanish Honors Seminar: El Nuevo Mundo Hoy - 3 credits 
ii) Spanish Civilization and Cultures - 3 credits 
iii) Spanish Language course (upper division 300 level and above) - 3 credits
iii) One topics course either taught in Spanish (any discipline) or about Spain (in English) - 3 credits


i) Spanish Honors Seminar: El Nuevo Mundo Hoy - 3 credits 
ii) Any upper division course taught in Spanish (upper division 300 level and above, language or topics course) - 3 credits 

Student Life

i) Students must live in a homestay family.
ii) Students may participate in language exchange with local students.
iii) Students must attend at least 5 different Field Studies of any of the IAU classes on Spain or Spanish culture and arts. These field studies must be in classes different from those they are enrolled in during the semester.
iv) Students participate in the Early Start Program (semester only).

Business & International Relations Program

Through the Business & International Relations Program, students will have the unique opportunity to learn about international business strategies and procedures with a specific focus on the global market. Disciplines taught include, but are not limited to, economics, finance, international business, management and marketing. Each course includes field studies to hubs of business and politics around Spain and Europe. Students participating in the Business & International Relations Program will have access to unpaid, for-credit semester-long internships at local enterprises. Students will take at least three courses in the Business & International Relations Program and two other electives of their choosing. 

Art & Art History Program

Students interested in pursuing a program of study centered on the art and art history of Mediterranean Spain are encouraged to join the Art & Art History Program at IAU Barcelona. Students enroll in a minimum of two courses in art and art history and select remaining electives up to their choosing. Students of all majors are welcome to join this program.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

IAU Barcelona offers a wide breadth of course disciplines to students from all majors and minors. Prior knowledge of Spanish is not required as courses are offered in English and Spanish. Though it is not required, it is highly encouraged that students enroll in a Spanish language course and students should refer to their home university for additional language requirements. Students with background in Spanish language will have the opportunity to enroll in courses taught at the local university.