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Since Summer 2020, IAU has been pleased to offer Virtual Global Programs during the semester and summer terms for students from all backgrounds. These virtual programs draw on IAU's expertise in experiential-based learning while taking advantage of IAU’s wide network of professional contacts in France, Spain, Morocco, the United Kingdom, as well as countries in Latin American and Asia. Students who are interested in pursuing a Virtual Global Experience Program with IAU should contact our office directly for more information. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Students will choose from global internships and consulting projects to customize their virtual experience.


“I was proud with not only what I was able to produce for the company, but also how much I have grown since the beginning of the internship in June. It was wonderful receiving good feedback on the videos I created and on my translation of documents, as it showed that the time I dedicated to them was worthwhile. I was then both proud and surprised to see how much my French-speaking skills had improved in such a short amount of time.” 

-Summer 2020 Virtual Global Internship Student

Customized program options are available on a case-by-case basis. Program options include:

  • Virtual Global Internships (3 credits): This experience is designed to immerse students in a multicultural professional space through virtual means. A special effort is placed on helping students develop the skills required to enter the professional world and navigate cross-cultural entrepreneurial environments. This hands-on experience is complemented by an academic component, which guides students through the experience and helps them strategically reflect on challenges, accomplishments, and personal and professional development. Students are intentionally placed based on interests and skillsets in organizations in France, Spain, and other European countries with the aim to build their professional network through industry-specific training.  While fluency in French/Spanish is not required, some placements may require some knowledge of French/Spanish while others may require more advanced levels. The 3-credit internship placement is 120 hours accompanied by academic, professional development and evaluative components.  
  • Virtual Consulting Projects (3 credits): In this experience, students will engage in an industry-specific consulting project led by a professor in partnership with international organizations, where the organizations present a problem for the students to solve. Students apply strategic consulting practices to provide recommendations on how the organization might solve the issue/problem at hand. At the end of the course, students share their recommendations with the organization through a virtual professional presentation.