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Pre-Departure Requirements - Barcelona

Before students begin their semester, summer, or academic year in Barcelona, Spain, there are several items that need to be submitted to IAU's U.S. Office. Please complete these in a timely manner. Below there are links to several important documents that need to be submitted electronically or downloaded, printed, completed, and returned to IAU's U.S. Office via fax or email using the contact information on the form. 

  • Physician Statement - IAU needs confirmation that you’re prepared for a summer or semester abroad. This form requires a doctor’s visit. 

  • Financial Assistance Form - If you are relying on financial assistance to cover all or a portion of your IAU tuition and fees, please download the Financial Assistance Form, complete your portion, and then have a financial aid advisor from your home instruction complete their section and return to IAU.

  • Travel Itinerary - Please email your flight or train confirmation email to IAU

  • IAU Post Acceptance Waivers - Complete and submit electronically. 

  • Student Photo - Please email your digital photo in .bmp or .jpg format. This photo will be used to create your IAU student ID card and for other administrative and identification purposes. The photo should show your entire face from shoulder up. Please refrain from sending photos with sunglasses, hats or any other accessories that obscure your image.

  • Program Deposit - For students invoiced by IAU directly for the program deposit, the remainder of your nonrefundable deposit of $800 is due within two weeks of acceptance. The deposit secures your course registration and homestay placement. These placements will not be secure until this payment is made. You can pay your deposit by check or credit card. Additional details can be found on the IAU Payment Page.