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Aix-en-Provence, France

IAU’s global flagship campus is in Aix-en-Provence, a town located in the southern region of France. The city of Aix (pronounced like the letter “X”) provides traditional French culture in an intimate setting while offering the charm and elegance of a large metropolis. The historic town is known for its beloved painter, Paul Cézanne, who painted the surrounding rolling landscape. Local excursions during both semester and summer programs provide students with an enhanced awareness of Provençal culture while giving them a unique and unparalleled French experience. While abroad, students explore Aix and the surrounding regions through courses, field studies, and cultural activities.


Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Academic Year, Summer, J-Term, Custom

Schools: Centre d’Études Françaises, Marchutz School of Fine Arts, School of Business, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of International Relations

Cohort Programs: Arts Core Program, Business Focus Program, Creative Writing Certificate Program, French Honors Program, International Relations Focus Program, Mediterranean Studies Certificate Program, Peace Studies Program, Wine Studies Certificate Program

Disciplines:  Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Art History, Business, Communication Studies, Creative Writing, Environmental Science, Economics, Education, Film Studies, Finance, French, Geography, History, Literature, Management, Marketing, Political Science, Philosophy, Photography, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Wine Studies

Internships: Adapting to a new culture involves not only learning the language and culture but also gaining a better understanding of the work environment and how methods and habits may differ from the student’s home setting. Students in the Business and French Honors Program will receive priority placement in internships and can expect to earn three credits.

Student Life: Students have opportunities to participate in weekly lectures, open-mic nights, cooking classes, language partner exchanges, talent shows, wine tastings, and other cultural events with other IAU students and students from the local French universities.

Field Studies & Study Tours enable students to expand their understanding of Provence. The cost of field studies and study tours is included in the program fee and, as such, students are strongly encouraged to participate. Students travel to areas in the region on field study toursthat complement classroom learning. Academic study tours may include Paris, Geneva, Arles, Isle sur la Sorgue, Fontaine de Vaucluse, Les Baux de Provence, Avignon, Marseille and Nîmes. Some courses include field studies to other parts of France, Europe, and North Africa.

IAU has an on-campus Wellness Program that gives students access to a staff psychologist and counselor. IAU staff have office hours that are available to students as drop-ins or by appointment.

Housing: A French homestay is considered the best form of housing because it provides an immediate introduction to life in this new place. It is an incomparable opportunity for those who seek knowledge that is neither superficial nor secondhand. It provides an introduction into the community and is a great incentive for learning the language. IAU’s hosts come from a cross section of society; they belong to no particular professional or social milieu, but all are carefully chosen, and many having hosted American students for several years. Most of the homestays are approximately a 15 to 35-minute walk from classes. When living in French homes, students are on a demi-pension plan, which includes daily breakfast and six dinners per week.

“I learned to see the world through a non-American lens, and it was extremely eye-opening for me. It was definitely the most worthwhile experience I've ever had. There's nothing about my college career that I loved more than my experience at IAU.” – Manar Z., Baylor University

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Barcelona, Spain

IAU offers both semester and summer study abroad programs in the lively and beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. Located along the western shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona allows students to experience the culture of Catalunya. The mild climate, famed cuisine, and breathtaking arts give the Mediterranean region a distinct feel, unique from anywhere else in the world. IAU’s campus in Barcelona is centrally located near the downtown Plaça de Catalunya area in the l’Eixample district, which is close to many of Barcelona's famed attractions. The facilities have been completely renovated with modern amenities to suit the needs of today’s college students. IAU Barcelona employs a full-time student affairs and academic affairs staff to support those participating in semester, year-long, and summer programs. 


Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Academic Year, Summer, J-Term, Custom

Schools: School of Business, School of Fine Arts & Museum Studies, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of International Relations

Specialized Programs: Art & Art History Program, Spanish Honors Program

Disciplines: Architecture, Art, Art History, Business, Communications, Economics, Environmental Science, Film Studies, Finance, Geography, History, International Relations, Literature, Management, Marketing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Wine Studies

Field Studies and Study Tours: All courses at IAU are complemented by local field studies around Barcelona and the Catalunya region. The Barcelona program includes activities that integrate Spanish cuisine, music, dancing, language, and culture. Students meet daily with professors, local artists, and scholars. Study tour sites may include: Montjuic, Parc Güell, Center for Contemporary Culture, MACBA (Modern Art Museum), the Gothic Quarter, the Born District, the Museum of the History of Barcelona, Picasso Museum, and the Sagrada Familia Basilica. Study tours in the region may include: Costa Brava, Cadeques, Montserrat, Sitges, Tarragona, Tossa del Mar, or Figueres.

Student Life: IAU offers an enriching and engaging Student Life Program during all academic terms. Students have access to optional extracurricular activities such as excursions, service learning, lecture series, conferences, workshops, discussion groups, events with local university students, and more. In addition, students have a full program of activities integrated into their coursework including field studies, credit-bearing internships, and regional trips.

Cultural Excursions

  • Weekend in Madrid 
  • Day Trip to Tarragona
  • Day Trip to Montserrat 

Housing Options: Students can be housed in shared homestays with Spanish families, which include daily breakfast and dinner, in shared apartments where they will be responsible for their own meals, or in residence halls where meal plans may be available.

“My host was amazing. They treated me like I was truly a part of their family. The meals my host mom made were delicious, and my host siblings always included me in their plans with their friends. I still keep in contact with them. I really couldn't have asked for anything better.” -Summer Student, West Chester University

Wellness: The safety and wellness of study abroad students is IAU’s top priority. All students at the IAU Barcelona Center have access to services offered by both the on-site team (accessible 24/7), including IAU’s on-site psychologist, and local medical providers. 

Internships: Adapting to a new culture involves not only learning the language and customs but also gaining a better understanding of the work environment and how methods and habits may differ from one's home setting. IAU provides access to unpaid, for-credit internships at a wide range of businesses and organizations throughout the city of Barcelona. Students work with the IAU Internship Coordinator to prepare a resume in Spanish, to practice interviewing skills and techniques, and to prepare for placement in a Spanish business or organization. Students complete a weekly seminar directed by the Internship Coordinator in tandem with their internship experience, where they engage in dialogue about challenges and successes as well as complete a final semester project.

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Madrid, Spain

The IAU Madrid Program offers courses from a variety of disciplines including Spanish, art, business, history, political science, and religious studies, as well as an early start language and culture program. Courses are held on the Universidad Pontificia Comillas campus, located in the historic center of Madrid, and students have access to all campus facilities such as libraries, study spaces, gyms, and cafeterias, and can participate in student activities alongside local students. During the semester, students take a full academic load, which is a combination of courses taught by IAU and Comillas faculty. The IAU Madrid Program’s administrative office is also located on the Comillas campus, making support staff easily accessible to students on a daily basis.


Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Academic Year, Summer, J-Term, Custom

Schools: The School of Business, The School of Fine Arts & Museum Studies, The School of Humanities & Social Sciences, The School of International Relations

Specialized Programs: Art & Art History Program, Spanish Honors Program

Disciplines: Architecture, Art, Art History, Business, Communications, Economics, Film Studies, Finance, History, International Relations, Literature, Management, Marketing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish

Internships: Students have access to internships in a variety of fields (in both English and Spanish) throughout the city of Madrid.  Those participating in this field experience will earn academic credit and take the accompanying internship course to support and facilitate learning. Internships are 120 credit hours.

Field Studies and Study Tours: All courses have a required field studies component, where faculty use the city of Madrid as their classroom. These field studies include visits to museums, historical and cultural sites, and local businesses. For example, class sessions of the Great Masters of the Prado course will often be held in this world-famous museum.  Students also will participate in a variety of activities and study tours that enrich the academic and cultural experience of the program. The study tours are day trips for the entire student cohort to cities like Toledo, Segovia, and Valle de los Caídos, while weekend study tours may be to international destinations such as Morocco or France. Cultural activities include visits to world-famous museums, language exchanges with local students, and thematic walking tours to familiarize students with different areas of the city. Additionally, students can participate in Comillas student organizations (sports, interest groups, etc.). IAU also offers a lecture series, where local faculty share their expertise through presentations and engaging dialogue. 

Cultural Excursions

  • Weekend in Barcelona
  • Day Trip to Avila and Segovia 
  • Day Trip to Toledo

Housing Options: Housing options available to students include homestays, residence halls, or shared apartments.  Homestays include daily breakfast and dinner, weekly laundry service, and have the benefit of ongoing cultural and language exchange.  Students in shared apartments will be responsible for their own meals while those in residence halls will have the option to include a meal plan.

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Paris, France

IAU offers students the opportunity to direct-enroll in a reputable program in Paris, France.  Paris, whose influence upon French culture is enormous, is the ideal city in which to learn and perfect students’ French. Students study alongside other French and international students at l’Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP) or with other international students at La Sorbonne Cours de Langue et Civilisation. Enrolled students may choose to reside in French homestays and participate in cultural activities in classical theatre, music, and dance, as well as study tours to the Loire Valley and Mont Saint-Michel.


La Sorbonne: Cours de Langue et Civilisation
La Sorbonne hosts a program for beginner and intermediate-level French language students in Paris in the fall, spring or academic year terms. Students enroll in courses in language, culture, and history with other international students from around the world. Courses are taught in English and beginner/intermediate French by Sorbonne faculty. 

L'Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP)
L'Insitut Catholique de Paris is a top institution in Paris available to students with an advanced level of French to study in the fall, spring or academic year terms. Students enroll in courses in theology, philosophy, teaching, literature, economics, and the social sciences with other French and international students from around the world. Courses are taught in French by ICP faculty. 

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Tangier, Morocco

Through a collaboration with the University of New England (UNE), IAU offers semester, summer, and J-Term programs in the vibrant and historic city of Tangier, Morocco. The program is held on UNE's newly constructed campus in the heart of the city and has been specifically designed to support study abroad for students in the sciences. The campus boasts state-of-the-art lab facilities, including an organic chemistry lab, microbiology lab, and neuroscience lab. Additional campus resources include residence halls, sports facilities and exercise gym, library, study spaces, and a cafeteria.

Tangier sits on the northern tip of Morocco, just 8 miles across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, Tangier has served as an important gateway between Europe, Africa, and the Arab world across many centuries. Tangier's status as an international port city and an economic hub of Morocco draws cultural visitors and business interests alike.  Students studying in Tangier will experience firsthand the diverse cultural history of Morocco and its complex identity and society through academic excursions, site-specific learning, and the opportunity to engage with the local community through participation in service-learning and internships.


Terms: Semester, Summer, J-Term, Custom

Disciplines: Arabic, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communications, Creative Writing, Cross-Cultural Studies, History, International Relations, Literature, Physics, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology

Student Life & Housing Students in Tangier will be housed in student residence accommodations. The residence halls are spacious, modern, and well-appointed, built in a modern style that reflects the famous architecture of Morocco. Students can expect to share their room. In the residence halls, students will have access to a cafeteria, study spaces, and a fitness and studio space. Included in the program are local site visits and cultural activities in and around Tangier. Internships & Volunteer Opportunities Students are encouraged to participate in the wide range of internships available in Morocco. Additionally, opportunities to volunteer are abundant and widely enjoyed by both IAU students and those they serve and support.

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Multi-Country January Term Seminars

January Term (J-Term) Traveling Seminars allow students to visit many cities and countries throughout Europe and North Africa during the short winter term. The world becomes the classroom as students experience learning in a new, high-impact environment. Join IAU for experiential learning at its best.


IAU offers programs in a variety of locations and disciplines:

Diplomacy & Human Rights in the Mediterranean
Belgium, France, Morocco, Tunisia
Human Development / Human Rights / International Relations / Political Science

Europe & the Islamic World 
France, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco
Art History / Cross-Cultural Studies / French / History / Political Science / Religious Studies / Spanish

French Language & Culture

Great Cities
France, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy
European Studies / Anthropology / Literature / Communications / Geography

International Business
Belgium, France, Morocco, Tunisia
Management / Business / Marketing / Economics

Mediterranean Basin
France, Greece, Italy
Art History / History / Archaeology / Cross-Cultural Studies / Religious Studies

Museum Studies
The Netherlands, France, Spain
Art / Art History / Museum Studies

North African Studies
Morocco, Tunisia
Religious Studies / History / Political Science / Sociology

Photography: History & Digital Practice in Europe
The Netherlands, France, Spain
Art / Art History / History / European Studies

Psychology of Peace & Conflict: Immigrants, Refugees & the Psychology of Diaspora
France, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco
Psychology / Sociology / Cross-Cultural Studies / Human Services

Wine, Gastronomy & Sustainability of the Mediterranean
France, Spain
Business / Wine Studies / Marketing / Geography / Hospitality Management / International Relations / Environmental Studies

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Virtual Global Programs

IAU is pleased to offer Virtual Global Programs during the semester and summer terms for students from all backgrounds. These virtual programs draw on IAU's expertise in experiential-based learning while taking advantage of IAU’s wide network of professional contacts in France, Spain, Morocco, the United Kingdom, as well as countries in Latin American and Asia. Students will choose from academic courses, global internships, consulting projects, social impact practicums/experiential learning projects, and virtual courses to customize their virtual experience. 

“I was proud with not only what I was able to produce for the company, but also how much I have grown since the beginning of the internship in June. It was wonderful receiving good feedback on the videos I created and on my translation of documents, as it showed that the time I dedicated to them was worthwhile. I was then both proud and surprised to see how much my French speaking skills had improved in such as short amount of time.” – Virtual Global Internship Student, Summer 2020


ACADEMICS As part of this experience, the following options are available: 

Virtual Global Internships (3 credits): This experience is designed to immerse students in a multicultural professional space through virtual means. A special effort is placed on helping students develop the skills required to enter the professional world and navigate cross-cultural entrepreneurial environments. This hands-on experience is complemented by an academic component, which guides students through the experience and helps them strategically reflect on challenges, accomplishments, and personal and professional development. Students are intentionally placed based on interests and skillsets in organizations in France, Spain, and other European countries with the aim to build their professional network through industry-specific training.  While fluency in French/Spanish is not required, some placements may require some knowledge of these languages while others may require more advanced levels.  The 3-credit internship is a total of 135 hours.

Virtual Consulting Projects (3 credits): Students will engage in an industry-specific consulting project led by a professor in partnership with international organizations, where the organizations present a problem for the students to solve. Students apply strategic consulting practices to provide recommendations on how the organization might solve the issue/problem at hand. At the end of the course, students share their recommendations with the organization through a virtual professional presentation. 

Virtual Social Impact Practicums: Experiential Learning Projects (3 credits): The Virtual Social Impact Practicums: Experiential Learning Projects are academic courses that have an experiential learning project component. They are very similar to internships only designed for students primarily in the social sciences and humanities fields. These project-based courses are offered within specific academic fields where students apply the skills they have learned to real-world problems and scenarios in partnership with international organizations and IAU community partners.  The course focuses on both the theoretical and experiential realms of course topics, in a variety of disciplines, enabling students to develop skills, knowledge, and values from practical experiences and ongoing reflection. Practicum courses can involve research, social impact initiatives, and community-based learning activities, theatre, art, or project-based work, which is related to the course material. 

Virtual Courses (3 credits): IAU offers a wide range of virtual courses in disciplines such as archaeology, art, art history, business, cross-cultural studies, history, international relations, museum studies, political science, sociology, and more.

Students have the option to take either 3, 6, or 9 credits during the summer, and up to 12 or 15 academic credits during the semester. Please note that at least 3 credits of total enrollment must consist of a Virtual Internship, Consulting Project, or Social Impact Practicum.   

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