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Academics in Multi-Country Traveling Seminars

Can't choose just one country? IAU offers January Term Traveling Seminars that each visit multiple locations. Travel for 2-3 weeks between your fall and spring semesters on your home campus, or attend an IAU January Term Traveling Seminar before your spring semester in Aix-en-Provence, Barcelona, Madrid, or Tangier!

J-Term 2022:
December 29, 2021 - January 15, 2022

January Term Traveling Seminar Countries Visited
  Diplomacy & Human Rights in the Mediterranean
  Belgium, France, Morocco, Tunisia
  Europe & the Islamic World
  France, Morocco, Spain, the United Kingdom
  French Language & Culture   France
  Great Cities
  France, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy
  International Business
  France, Morocco, Tunisia
  Mediterranean Basin
  Greece, Italy, France
  Psychology of Peace & Conflict: Immigrants, Refugees
  & the Psychology of Diaspora
  France, Morocco, Spain, the United Kingdom
  Wine, Gastronomy & Sustainability of the

  France, Spain, Italy

Continuing for J-Term 2023

January Term Traveling Seminar Countries Visited
  Museum Studies
  The Netherlands, France, Spain
  North African Studies   France, Morocco, Tunisia
  Photography: History & Digital Practice in Europe   The Netherlands, France, Spain
  Spanish Culture & Society Spain
  Theatre Alive: Theatre in Ireland and England   Ireland, England

Please note, IAU reserves the right to cancel programs due to low enrollment.
Itineraries are tentative and subject to change.
Students should consult with an IAU advisor prior to purchasing their flights.