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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Customized Programs

Short-term faculty-led programs offer great educational value and alternatives to full-term semesters abroad. However, they also require tremendous time and energy to organize. By taking advantage of IAU’s existing infrastructure, including its facilities, student support services, and longstanding experience administering programs abroad, university faculty can build programs and courses tailored to their university and student needs. In turn, students can participate in quality programs without overtaxing financial resources.

Who is eligible to propose a faculty-led program with IAU?

IAU welcomes proposals from all faculty from educational institutions. The Director of Faculty-led Programs works with each faculty member to ensure a program's viability both in terms of cost and itinerary. Preference is given to IAU partner institutions. See a list of past IAU Faculty-led Programs.

How to plan a faculty-led program? 

Faculty have the opportunity to plan their course based on locations, sites, curriculum, and budgets with the expertise of IAU’s experienced staff.  Please contact us at with any questions or to submit your Maymester, Summer, or January Term program proposal.

Why choose a Faculty-led Program?

IAU faculty-led and customized programs allow colleges and universities to:

  • Expand their study abroad offerings each term depending on student, faculty and university interests
  • Attract students to programs who wouldn’t otherwise be interested based on their familiarity with the faculty member leading the group as well as their fellow classmates
  • Tap into IAU’s existing infrastructure for classrooms, excursions and accommodations

IAU can provide the following services, each customized to meet particular needs:

  • Hotel, homestay, or resident hall apartment accommodations 
  • Transportation to various sites, cities, or countries included in the program itinerary
  • Excursions, day trips, and site visits to enhance the course curriculum
  • Panel discussions and guest lectures from specialists in their field
  • Budgeting
  • Classroom space and access to IAU facilities
  • Access to IAU Wi-Fi and library
  • Comprehensive international insurance
  • Enrollment and pre-departure support
  • On-site student support services
IAU follows the Forum on Education Abroad's standards for faculty-led programming.

Some of IAU’s recent customized program partners include:

School Discipline Location Duration
Bryant University International Business Aix-en-Provence, Marrakesh 3 weeks
Christopher Newport University Art History Aix-en-Provence 6 weeks
California State University, Fullerton Leadership Aix-en-Provence 3 weeks
California State University, Fullerton Leadership Barcelona 4 weeks
Duke University French Aix-en-Provence 6 weeks
Harvard University Post-Colonial Studies & French Aix-en-Provence 8 weeks
Loyola University, Chicago French Aix-en-Provence 4 weeks
Montana State University Studio Art Aix-en-Provence 3 weeks
Northern Arizona University Studio Art Aix-en-Provence 3 weeks
Northern Arizona University Business Aix-en-Provence, Marrakesh 3 weeks
Pennsylvania State University Business Aix-en-Provence, Marrakesh, Paris 7 weeks
Rice University French language Aix-en-Provence 6 weeks
Rutgers University French Language Aix-en-Provence 3 weeks
San Diego State University Studio Art Aix-en-Provence 3 weeks
St. John's College Studio Art Aix-en-Provence 6 weeks
St. John's College Liberal Arts  Aix-en-Provence 15 weeks
Susquehanna University Political Science Aix-en-Provence 6 weeks
Tufts University Archaeology Aix-en-Provence 6 weeks
University of Colorado, Boulder Business in Europe & Africa Aix-en-Provence, Morocco 3 weeks
University of Colorado, Boulder New Venture Creation & Internships Aix-en-Provence 8 weeks
University of Colorado, Denver French & Cross-Cultural Studies Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Rabat, Fez, Marrakesh 3 weeks
University of Mary Washington Art History Aix-en-Provence, Paris 4 weeks
University of Nebraska, Lincoln Business Aix-en-Provence, Barcelona, Valencia 6 weeks
University of New Mexico French Culture Aix-en-Provence 10 days
Washington State University Business Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid 6 weeks
Washington State University Wine Studies Provence 3 weeks
Washington State University Psychology Aix-en-Provence 6 weeks
Washington State University Education Barcelona 3 weeks
Wheaton College French Language Aix-en-Provence 6 weeks 

Please contact us at for more information.

Professor Lisa Abia-Smith, a School of Art alumna from 1988, and a professor and Director of Education at the University of Oregon’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, brought 20 University of Oregon student-athletes on a faculty-led program to IAU and the School of Art. The students spent their week in Aix studying and practicing art with Professor Smith and ACM-IAU Professor Pauline Betrancourt.