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The IAU Madrid Program offers courses from a variety of disciplines including Spanish, art, business, engineering, history, political science, and religious studies, as well as an early start language and culture program. During their term abroad, students take a full academic load, which is a combination of courses taught by IAU and IAU's Spanish partner's faculty. The IAU Madrid Program’s administrative office is centrally located, making support staff easily accessible to students on a daily basis.


Academic Programs: Study abroad students choose to enroll in one of the following programs based on their academic interests: 

  • General Studies ProgramThis program enables students to choose from the wide variety of course offerings to fulfill many of their general education requirements and complete major and minor requirements. 

  • Internship Program

  • Academic ConcentrationsIn addition to pursuing general studies as a semester or summer student, students can choose to enroll in one of IAU Madrid's optional academic concentrations.

    • Human Rights, Refugee and Migration Studies
    • International Public Relations and Media
    • Spanish Honors Program
    • Sustainable Luxury, Management and Design

 Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Academic Year, Summer, J-Term, Custom

Disciplines: Architecture, Art, Art History, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Film Studies, Finance, History, International Relations, Literature, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish

Academic OptionsIAU Madrid offers a wide breadth of course disciplines to students from all majors and minors. Prior knowledge of Spanish is not required as the majority of courses are offered in English. It is recommended that students take a minimum of one course in the Spanish language. 

Field Studies and Study Tours: 
All courses have a required field studies component, where faculty use the city of Madrid as their classroom. These field studies include visits to museums, historical and cultural sites, and local businesses. For example, class sessions of the Great Masters of the Prado course will often be held in this world-famous museum.  Students also will participate in a variety of activities and study tours that enrich the academic and cultural experience of the program. The study tours are day trips for the entire student cohort to cities like Toledo, Segovia, and Valle de los Caídos, while weekend study tours may be to international destinations such as Morocco or France. Cultural activities include visits to world-famous museums, language exchanges with local students, and thematic walking tours to familiarize students with different areas of the city. IAU also offers a lecture series, where local faculty share their expertise through presentations and engaging dialogue. 

Cultural Excursion Examples (subject to change and depending on season):

  • Weekend in Barcelona or Granada
  • Day Trip to Segovia 
  • Day Trip to Toledo

About Madrid

Madrid is regarded as an important economic, artistic, and educational center, home to the Spanish Parliament (las Cortes), the Spanish Stock Exchange (la Bolsa), as well as a number of world renowned cultural and historical sites. Students studying in Madrid will have access to a wide variety of activities, including visiting the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Parque del Buen Retiro, to catching a fútbol (or soccer) match at The Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, to flamenco dancing, and sampling local cuisines such as tapas, bocadillo de calamares, and churros con chocolate.  


Why IAU?

IAU offers semester, summer and January term programs in the lively and beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. IAU’s campus in Madrid is centrally located in close proximity to many of Madrid's famed attractions. IAU Madrid employs a student affairs and academic affairs staff to advise, place, house, and otherwise support incoming students for full semester, year-long, and summer programs. It is part of IAU's mission to make study abroad affordable and accessible to the broadest possible range of students. To that end, IAU's Madrid program fees are among the most competitive in the field.

To complete the course curriculum, IAU hosts a plethora of guest speakers and lecturers from a wide breadth of disciplines including journalists, musicians, and political activists. Students who participate in this program will develop a deeper understanding of the Spanish language and its historical, economical, and cultural importance in Europe. 

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