Interested in pursuing an American degree in France? Learn about options through IAU's degree-granting institution - The American College of the Mediterranean.

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Madrid Courses

At the Madrid campus, students may choose their courses across a variety of disciplines. Alternatively, students can focus their studies within a specific discipline by enrolling in an academic track, specialized program, or certificate program. Internships and Field Study Trips and Tours round out the academic options available at the Madrid campus.

Course Lists

Fall 2024 Course List

Summer 2024 Course List

Spring 2024 Course List

See below for an example overview of IAU's full course catalog below if the course list for your planned term of study is not yet available. You may also look at the most recent term for examples of typical course offerings. 


Click below to access available syllabi. It is important to consult with your study abroad advisor to confirm course approvals at your home institution. If syllabi for your planned term of study are not yet available, you may reference and submit syllabi from the most recent term.

Semester Syllabi

Summer Syllabi

Academic Concentrations

IAU Madrid offers the following optional Academic Concentrations for students who wish to pursue a specific course of study. Students in any major can enroll and will take some core courses as a cohort and then choose from electives. 


The following academic concentrations are available as options for students who wish to pursue a specific course of study. Participants will be required to take the following sequences of courses and credits in order to be eligible for participation. Some additional application requirements may apply. 

Human Rights, Refugee and Migration Studies 12 credits: 
  • Core course: IRL/POL 331 Human Rights, Migration, and Global Civil Society (3 credits)
  • Core course: SOC 314 Service Learning Experience (3 credits)
  • At least two courses from the disciplines of COM, IRL, POL, or SOC (6 credits)
International Public Relations and Media 12 credits: 
  • Core course: COM 313 International Public Relations (3 credits)
  • Core course: COM 315 Media, Influence, and Society (3 credits)
  • At least two courses from the disciplines of BUS, COM, IRL, MKT, or PHI (6 credits)
Spanish Honors Abroad 13 credits: 
  • Core course: ARH/SPA 411 Culture Lab (4 credits)
  • At least three 300- and 400-level Spanish courses (9 credits)
Sustainable Luxury Management and Design 12 credits: 
  • Core course: BUS 332 Sustainable Luxury Management (3 credits)
  • Core course: BUS/MGT 339 Design Thinking (3 credits)
  • At least two courses from the disciplines of BUS, MGT, or MKT (6 credits)

Example Courses

The table below lists all currently available disciplines in Madrid. It's important to note that the list below is only a sampling of the courses IAU offers and that not all courses you see will be offered in any given term. 

Note that some courses are cross-listed between one or more disciplines.

Discipline Courses
Accounting ♦ Principles of Accounting II
Art / Art History ♦ Capturing Madrid's Flow
 Great Masters of the Prado
Business ♦ Consumer Behavior 
 Corporate Social Responsibility 
 Global Marketing
 Intercultural Management 
 International Business Today and Tomorrow 

Communication Studies ♦ Communication and Gender
 Culture, Globalization and Media
♦ Intercultural Communication
♦ Media and Conflict
Computer Science  Algorithms and Abstract Data Structures
 Artificial Intelligence 
 Computer Science II
 Computer Security 
 Database Systems 
 Microcomputer Architecture and Assembly Planning 
 Operating Systems 

Dance ♦ Latin Dance
Economics ♦ Intermediate Macroeconomics
♦ Intermediate Microeconomics
♦ International Economics of the European Union
Engineering / Mechanical Engineering  Circuit Analysis II
 Introduction to Thermodynamics
 Mechanics of Materials

Film Studies ♦ Contemporary Spanish History Through Film
Finance ♦ Financial Management
♦ International Finance
History ♦ Camino de Santiago
 Contemporary Spanish History Through Film
 Political History of Contemporary Spain
 Spanish Civilization and Culture
International Relations  Media and Conflict
Internships ♦ Internship
Language & Culture - Spanish ♦ Beginning Spanish I
♦ Beginning Spanish II
♦ Intermediate Spanish I
♦ Intermediate Spanish II
♦ Advanced Grammar and Composition
♦ Contemporary Spanish History Through Film
 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
 Nationalism in Comparative Perspective
 Spain and the Americas: A Cultural Approach
 Spanish Civilization and Culture
 Spanish for the Workplace
Literature  Borders, Memory, Identities: Cultural Representations of Contemporary Migrations in
Management ♦ Corporate Social Responsibility 
 Organizational Behavior
 Operations Management 
Marketing ♦ Principles of Marketing
♦ Wine Marketing and Analysis
Mathematics  Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
 Discrete Structures
 Experimental Statistics 
 Linear Algebra
 Ordinary Differential Equations

Philosophy ♦ Corporate Social Responsibility 
 Ethics in Society 
Political Science ♦ Ethics in Society
 Nationalism in Comparative Perspective
 Political History of Contemporary Spain
Psychology ♦ Introduction to Psychopathology
 Biological Psychology
♦ Cross-Cultural Psychology  
 Health Psychology
 Human Neuroanatomy

♦ Positive Psychology and Happiness 
 Psychology and Research
 Psychology and the Workplace

♦ Sensation and Perception
Religious Studies ♦ Camino de Santiago
 The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
 The Problem of God
Sociology ♦ Borders, Memory, Identities: Cultural Representations of Contemporary Migrations in
 Nationalism in Comparative Perspective
Wine Studies  Wine Marketing and Sensory Analysis