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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Arrivals, Departures & Travel While Abroad

Students should plan to arrive and depart their study abroad program on the published Arrival and Departure dates per the published academic calendar. Details for arrival day logistics can be found through the navigation under "Travel Logistics" to your left.

Travel during the semester should be planned once abroad so as to not conflict with required field studies and optional/included excursions. Students have time and opportunity to book travel while abroad, and booking travel closer to the actual travel dates should not impact the cost prohibitively. In fact, booking travel closer to the actual date of travel for intra-European trips can be less expensive. 

IAU requires that all students register their travel plans with the Office of Student Life/their Dean using the travel logistics form. This is to ensure that IAU can account for the entire student body at any given time. Students will also have an opportunity to share their WhatsApp-capable cell phone number with the Student Life team during orientation. This is to allow for emergency contact when necessary.

It is strongly recommended that students travel together rather than independently. Students must bring their passport when traveling outside of their host country and should always keep a copy of their passport with them. Students may travel during their term abroad but are strongly encouraged to spend time in their host city as well.