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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Travel Logistics - J-Term

Travel Changes & Lost Luggage
Early/Late Arrivals
Departure Day

Arrival details vary based on the each program's arrival city and specific logistical considerations. A detailed arrival plan for each program will be shared with students approximately 2 weeks prior to the arrival date. Students will be requested to arrive within a specified window of time on the official arrival date. Students can expect to either be met by IAU staff within that reception window and assisted with transportation to accommodations, or to receive detailed instructions on how to reach accommodations to meet up with IAU staff and faculty.

Students should note that they are responsible for booking both their arriving and departing flights according to the program itinerary.

Once travel is booked, submit your itinerary through the MyIAU Student Portal and email it to by the deadlines listed on the pre-departure requirements page.

Travel Changes

All travel changes, delays or cancellations must be communicated to IAU, either at or by contacting the numbers provided in the arrival information sent approximately two weeks before arrival day. If we are not informed of travel changes, we will not be able to assist you when you arrive.

Lost Luggage

If your luggage does not make it with you, report this immediately to the airline and to the program coordinator and/or faculty member. Give the airline the hotel's address and phone number, or that of your host family, which we urge you to have with you.

Early/Late Arrivals

Students who arrive prior to or after the official arrival day are responsible for their own lodging and transportation up until the program start date. Students who arrive outside of the reception window on arrival day will be responsible for their own transportation to the program accommodations. Students who arrive after the program start date will be responsible for their own transportation to the program accommodations and/or the appointed meeting location. Any student who arrives early or late must contact the program coordinator and/or faculty member to organize a time and place to meet. Please note: given the intense and compact nature of these programs, IAU strongly discourages arrivals after the official arrival date. Students may face academic penalties for arrival after the program start date. 

Students who are arriving either independently or after the reception hours should contact for information and suggestions on transportation to the appointed meeting place.

Departure Day

IAU does not organize departures or provide transportation on the program departure date. Students should plan to leave their accommodations by no later than 11:00am. Students are welcome to stay in Europe after the departure date, but must note that they are responsible for their own lodging after this date.