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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

The Marchutz School of Fine Arts

The mission of the Marchutz School of Fine Arts is, above all, to develop the student's capacity to see. 

Students will learn from a myriad of available resources including masterworks, architecture, figure and portrait work, landscape and cityscapes, and conceptual and multi-media design. The human imagination, memory, perception, and craft are interwoven throughout the curriculum. These resources and programmatic themes help students look around their environment as well as within themselves until their artistic expression springs from a union of sight and insight - one of the major learning outcomes for all students.


The Marchutz Arts Core Program is open to students of all majors, skill levels, and backgrounds, and offers an immersive experience in painting, drawing, art history, and art theory, with excursions to Paris, Giverny, Venice, and the Vaucluse. 

The Marchutz School also has elective courses open to all students, regardless of which academic program they enroll in, in art history, creative writing, archaeology, painting and drawing, photography, architectural design, sculpture, and more.  

Students enrolled in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences or the School of Business and International Relations may take courses at the Marchutz School of Fine Arts along with their other courses. A studio fee may apply.