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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Previous January Terms

Since the inception of the J-term programs in 2012, IAU has run fourteen different iterations which vary in theme, location, and discipline. Many were created out of institutional and/or student demand and interest. Not all are offered each year, but should a partner institution so desire, they may request IAU to operate a previously run J-Term for their students (faculty are welcome to join as well). Those that have been previously offered are included in the table below:

Name Locations Topics
French Language & Culture Aix-en-Provence, France French
International Business France, Morocco, Belgium Business, Economics Management, Marketing
Museum Studies Netherlands, France, Spain Art, Art History, Museum Studies
North African Studies Morocco, Tunisia History, Policital Science, Religous Studies, Sociology
Photography Netherlands, France, Spain Art, Art History, History, European Studies
Psychology of Peace and Conflict France, Spain, Morocco, U.K. (Gibraltar) Cross-Cultural Studies, Psychology, Sociology
Spanish Culture and Society Spain Art History, Cross-Cultural Studies, Sociology
Sports and Society in Europe Spain, U.K. Business, Cross-Cultural Studies