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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Virtual Global Internships


This experience is designed to immerse students in a multicultural professional space through virtual means. A special effort is placed on helping students develop the skills required to enter the professional world and navigate cross-cultural entrepreneurial environments. This hands-on experience is complemented by an academic component, which guides students through the experience and helps them strategically reflect on challenges, accomplishments, and personal and professional development. Students are intentionally placed based on interests and skillsets in organizations in France, Spain, and other European countries with the aim to build their professional network through industry-specific training.  While fluency in French/Spanish is not required, some placements may require some knowledge of French/Spanish while others may require more advanced levels.  The 3-credit internship is a total of 135 hours.

Sample internship placements include, but are not limited to:

     • Commercial Development
      Data Management & Data Creation
      Digital Marketing
      International Sales
      Social Media/Digital Communication
      Web Development
      Human Resource & Innovation
      Community Management
      Web Animation
      Video Creation
      Self-Design (placement developed based on student's interests)

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