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Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Re-Entry & Alumni Mentor Program

Anyone who studies at IAU knows that the experience is unique, formative, and lasting. Alumni of the program share a memory of their time in Aix that has a lasting impact on their lives. After IAU, alumni go on to become accomplished in their fields - from the arts to diplomacy, education to business - IAU alumni are valuable resources. The Alumni Mentor Program matches alumni so that they may connect this shared experience to achieve their goals - personal, academic, and professional - through the mutually beneficial Mentorship Program.

Program Goals

  • Support alumni through the re-entry process at the end of their time abroad with IAU
  • Provide real ways to stay connected to the IAU community to both recent and past alumni
  • Strengthen the IAU network by reaching out to all alumni
  • Involve alumni in IAU events
  • Enrich the IAU community by giving alumni real ways to stay in touch and remain involved

Benefits to Mentors

  • Stay up to date with what’s going on at IAU including new programs, events for alumni, and news from faculty
  • Help younger alumni reach their goals and potential through connections with other alumni
  • Remain connected to IAU community

Benefits to Mentees

  • Grow professional network with people of shared interests
  • Get advice on academics, careers, and life after studying abroad
  • Remain connected to the IAU community

To learn more about ways to participate in the Alumni Mentor Program, please contact