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Alumni Newsletter - Fall 2020

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Edition no. 26
Fall 2020

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Table of Contents

IAU Gives Thanks for the Supportive Community of Alumni and Donors During Unprecedented Times

Dear Alumni,

We hope this finds you well and staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. We all had expected that the pandemic would be in our rearview mirror by now, but we remain optimistic about the future amidst the promising news of effective vaccines on the horizon. Our courageous Fall 2020 cohort of study abroad and degree-seeking students has adapted, adjusted, and remained positive during this very unique semester, and we commend their independence and bravery for following their dreams of studying abroad even during this unusual and difficult time. The appetite for international travel and international education has not gone away, and thankfully we are positioned to welcome a large group of students to Aix-en-Provence and Barcelona this Spring 2021 semester.

As we did this past summer, we are writing to you today with an abridged version of our quarterly alumni e-newsletter as we understand that there is a lot of news and information out there that rightfully requires your attention more urgently than IAU's does. In this shortened newsletter, you will find a few updates, opportunities, photos, and stories, as we express our gratitude to you for the continued support of IAU throughout the years. We would not be where we are today--63 years strong and more committed than ever to our mission of international education--without the support of our alumni and donors.

While we are certain that we will emerge from this crisis even stronger, we could use your support in this interim period. We have received many generous gifts from our donors and trustees in the last several months, which we are extremely grateful for. With the giving season upon us and events like #GivingTuesday coming up, we would like to once again kindly and humbly ask you to consider donating to IAU.

We understand that there are many worthy and important causes to support at this moment in our collective history and that many people may not be in a position to donate given how the livelihoods of so many have been impacted. Your support, however, may take many forms, and we would like to remind you that there are many other ways to contribute to your international alma mater that do not involve donating money, including (but not limited to): 1. Supporting IAU on Amazon Smile; 2. Writing a review of your program on Google, GoOverseas, Facebook, or another site; 3. Remembering IAU in your estate plans; 4. Telling a college-aged friend about your experience at IAU; 5. Sharing IAU's social media posts with your network; and 6. Becoming an alumni ambassador. More details about each of these opportunities are below.

It is with immense gratitude and affection that we write to you all during the beginning of the 2020 holiday season. We hope that your families and loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this time. Please know that your IAU family is with you and thanks you for your support and dedication. Have a restful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

All the best,
Your IAU Family

Updates from IAU

IAU Welcomes New Board Members in 2020

IAU has been lucky to welcome two new members to the Board of Trustees in 2020. Read below for information about  Bernard Pasquier and Elizabeth Woodworth.

Bernard Pasquier
Retired Director, The World Bank Group
Independent Board Director

Mr. Pasquier is a financial executive with a career spanning twenty years at the World Bank Group, with experience in multiple emerging markets in Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. He was elected to the Monaco Parliament from 2013-2018 and represented his country at the Council of Europe during this period. 

Since retiring from the World Bank Group in 2004, Mr. Pasquier has been the International Finance Corporation Nominee Director on seven separate companies, currently serving on the Boards of Itau-Corpbanca (Chile), Ronesans Holding (Turkey), and Advans SA (Luxembourg).

Mr. Pasquier graduated from the Kennedy School at Harvard University and from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Montpellier. He is fluent in English, French, and Portuguese. 

Elizabeth Woodworth '92
Founder, Wood & Co. Consulting

Elizabeth Woodworth is Founder and Principal of Wood & Company Consulting, a small marketing, research, and communications firm specializing in the sustainability space. She launched the company in 2016 after more than 20 years of working in the marketing and communications fields.

During her career, Ms. Woodworth has held positions in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. She has worked as VP of Communications and Community Engagement at the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Director of Sustainability and Communications at Enviva, and Director of Marketing for the Lancôme brand at L'Oréal. A sought-after speaker, Ms. Woodworth has led discussions, moderated panels, and spoken at numerous conferences, corporate events, and universities.

Ms. Woodworth is an alumna of IAU (1992), received a BA in international studies and French from the University of Richmond, an MBA from The Wharton School, and an MA in international studies from the University of Pennsylvania. She speaks fluent French in addition to her native English and lives in the Washington DC metropolitan area with her husband Erik, her son Alexandre, and her daughter Eleanor. 

Fall 2020 Cohort Experiences Study Abroad During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Letter from Dr. Jubran


Dear Friends of IAU,

Since 1957 IAU has never missed a fall orientation. Although we had to send students home this last spring during the first months of the pandemic, we have never had to fully cancel a program.  This year was no different and we were not going to allow a pandemic to stifle our dedication to international education.  As you might see from the pictures on our Fall 2020 Blog, we had an unconventional but successful orientation with students wearing masks and most of the faculty and staff presenting themselves via Zoom on the big screen.

Life has certainly changed over the last few months and we are all learning how to adapt to our new reality. The students understand their role in all of this and we congratulated each and every one of them for their courage and fortitude in making the trip to France to continue their studies.

We are happy to have a total of 45 students on IAU programs this fall semester. 29 of those students are with us in-person for the Fall semester 2020 in Aix. 12 of those are IAU study abroad students and 17 are ACM degree-seeking students. Additionally, we have 16 students from various partner institutions in Virtual Courses, Consultancies, or Internships.

We have maintained extensive COVID protocols for students arriving in-person in Aix. Students could not board planes without negative test results. The entire staff and faculty were required to have negative test results before the arrival of students on September 23rd. Host families had all been tested as per our requirements and reported their negative results before the arrival of the students. The entire student body will again be tested in ten days.  As the local and national authorities have prescribed, everyone is wearing masks in the streets and in all IAU buildings. As of the end of October, France has re-entered a reconfinement period, but our students, staff, and faculty continue to find creative and safe ways to experience French culture and embrace the exceptional circumstances we are in.

I cannot say enough about how professional and gracious the faculty and staff have been both in Aix and in the US.  They remind me each day why I chose this profession and they are a true testament to the excellent work we do as educators to change the world one student at a time. I am always so edified by their strength of character, their resolve, and their creativity to see beyond this current crisis and plan for our future as an institution of higher learning.  They have truly risen to the occasion in every way and I am so very proud of the energy they bring to the table each day with new and fresh ideas to keep our institution moving forward with new innovative programs.  This has not been an easy year for any of us and they have faced many challenges, yet they continue to be positive and optimistic about our future. 

Please rest assured that IAU and ACM are holding strong and we are looking ahead to the spring semester and beyond for better days to come. Wishing you and your families good health and strength to get through these next few months. 

Carl Jubran, PhD
President, IAU & ACM

See What the Fall 2020 Cohort is Up To on the IAU Blog

Looking Ahead to Spring 2021 Semester

We would like to inform our community that IAU will be hosting on-the-ground programs in the spring 2021 semester and will be offering a full array of academic courses in Aix-en-Provence and Barcelona.  In addition to study abroad students, IAU will also be welcoming back our degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students in spring 2021 (through our degree-granting branch, the American College of the Mediterranean) who are on campus year-round.  

IAU has gained valuable experience running programs during the COVID-19 pandemic with the current cohort of students on-the-ground in Aix-en-Provence. We have released updated COVID-19 Preparedness Plans in accordance with local and national health and safety guidelines and will continue to do so as conditions change.

In order to meet the needs of our partner institutions and their students, IAU will also be offering Virtual Experiences in the spring 2021 semester and beyond.  Students will have the option to enroll in 3-15 credits, which can be comprised of Virtual Global InternshipsVirtual Consulting InternshipsSocial Impact Practicums, and Virtual Academic Courses.  Alumni are encouraged to apply for these virtual programs. Please reach out to Rose Guth, IAU's Assistant Director of Admissions & Alumni Affairs, for more information on these programs and how to apply.

Alumni Spotlight: Kate (Freyhof) House ('09) Shares Her Story


IAU asked Kate (Freyhof) House ('09) to respond to the following prompt: "Please introduce yourself, tell us how you are connected with IAU, what you have been up to during this crazy year, and what your advice would be for other IAU-ers during this pandemic." Read on for what Kate's life is like 11 years after studying abroad with IAU! 

I’m Kate House and most days you can find me chasing around my two little boys, Dexter and Conrad, and our dog, Millie Pup. When I’m not spending time with our family, I’m working passionately to help others live a life of intention through joy, gratitude, and health. I’m mostly known for being a podcast host, yoga instructor, and health coach. People often refer to me as the happiest person they know, and it’s my hope that my podcast can be a place to motivate and inspire you to live your biggest, boldest life. I love serving the world by sharing my light and joy, and I hope to be the voice of an encouraging friend for you too. 

I am an IAU'er through and through! In the fall of 2009 I studied at The Marchutz School of Fine Arts, and I felt like I needed to pinch myself every day just to be sure that it was all real. For anyone who hasn't experienced painting Mount St Victoire, visiting the motifs of Van Gogh in person, or studying in Giverny and the museums of Paris - it is surreal in the most incredible way. I feel deeply grateful to have studied under IAU's professors and learned from them, the entire IAU team, and my classmates alike. This was such a pivotal time for me, in fact, that I went on to work for IAU starting as the Enrollment Advisor in the Wheaton, IL office in 2011 to being the East Coast Representative and University Relations Manager based outside of Washington, DC before my departure into full-time parenthood and entrepreneurship. During my working years at IAU I was mentored by truly great leaders, and without their guidance, support, and encouragement, I wouldn't be where I am today.  

2020 has been a big year! I've had a one-on-one health coaching practice since 2017, and in July 2020 I launched The Live by Design Podcast to further the impact of my work. I feel passionately about living my life by design, not default, and each episode encourages listeners to practice gratitude, cultivate joy, and instill healthy habits that allow you to live life to its fullest. Some episodes are hosted by myself, as a solo show, while others include a guest who I've found to embody this ethos. Funnily enough, I have two upcoming episodes about to air that include interviews with fellow IAU alumni including Arianna Zabriskie and another with Nick Velleman. The friendships I've made at IAU continue to enrich my life, even now 11 years after my time in Aix-en-Provence.

If I had any advice for our alumni community during the time of COVID, it would be this. Give yourself grace, but remain committed as best as possible to acting the way you want to feel. And by that I mean, be kind to yourself. If you need a day to relax, and eat a comfort meal, and watch your favorite TV show - then do it. But also, do the things that embody the way you want to feel. Need to feel energized? Take a walk (bonus points if you have a dog to bring along!). Feeling emotionally drained? Talk to a trusted friend or therapist. Think your brain is turning to mush? Read a book or download one from Audible to listen to (or listen to a podcast, they're completely free!). But above all, be kind to yourself. Don't phone in the next however-many-months until things get back to normal, make your health and happiness and priority, because the time is going to pass either way, so my hope at least is to spend the time loving my family well, leaning into the things that bring me joy (like walks, painting, podcasting), and making consistent progress towards my goals. My hope is to come out of the pandemic a stronger, more resilient version of myself, and that includes lots and lots of kindness for myself along the way.

Thank you, Kate, for sharing your story, wisdom, and guidance with us! If you'd like to learn more about Kate, listen to her podcast, or follow along on her day-to-day life, feel free to follow the links below!


Alumni Spotlight: Patti (Barham) Campbell ('66-'67, '96-'97) Tells the Story of Her Journey to Marchutz

The Birth of the Marchutz MFA (as told by Patti Barham Campbell)

In 1996, I was a part-time MFA student at Jersey City University (JCU) in New Jersey. I was teaching Middle School art in Fair Haven, New Jersey and was commuting over an hour and a half to do my MFA classes. I decided to ask the Dean of JCU how many credits I could transfer and if they had an affiliation with a school in France. The dean replied, “No, but go do some research.” I took a train to the French Consulate in New York City to ask for a list of French schools and their graduate programs.

When I received their list, I was astonished to see Aix-en-Provence, Leo Marchutz School.  Leo was my first painting teacher in 1966-67, my Junior Year abroad. He influenced my life in many ways. In fact, as an art teacher for 28 years, I often used some of Leo’s lessons and projects. When I discovered a portrait of Leo that I had done as his student, I volunteered to donate my painting to the school.

As luck would have it, Alan was flying to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to do a presentation on Paul Cezanne. He suggested that he would take a train to Newark to meet me and pick up the painting of Leo. He inquired how I found out about L’ecole Marchutz. I explained that I was looking for a school to continue my MFA. Alan suggested that I arrange a meeting with the JCU Dean of Art, the head of the art department, and my mentor. The meeting took place, and they created a program for me to complete my MFA at L’ecole Marchutz. I had to rent my home, take a sabbatical, and find a place to rent in Aix, (merci Yamina). All the stars aligned, and I flew to Aix. 

On my first day of classes, I walked to the Studio and had an intense déjà vu feeling that I had been there before. As I entered the building, I asked Alan if there was a lithography press in one corner. He was astonished and asked, “How did you know that?” I explained that Leo had shown me how to use it thirty years earlier. I also inquired about a few of Leo’s paintings that he had shared with me. Alan went to a closet and pulled them out to show me. What a treat to see them again!

I am so grateful to Alan for helping me to be the first MFA student of the Leo Marchutz School, which proudly continues today. 

Patti Barham Campbell
IAU 1966-67, MFA 1996-97

Giving Tuesday 2020

This December 1st, join IAU in participating in the global #GivingTuesday movement. 

What is Giving Tuesday? Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and after the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Since its inaugural year in 2012, #GivingTuesday has become a movement that celebrates and supports giving and philanthropy.

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The Allison Benson Memorial Scholarship Fund

IAU was struck by tragedy on February 7, 2020 when Allison Benson, a student from Kansas State University, died unexpectedly while studying in Aix-en-Provence, France. Allison had been a member of the IAU community from a young age, as her aunt Kirsten Kircher was a student with IAU in the mid-1980’s. Allison had long nourished the dream of studying with IAU, and had set a goal of becoming a French teacher. Allison’s generosity of spirit, coupled with her delight in discovering France and its culture, won her many friends during her short time in Aix-en-Provence. IAU extends its heartfelt condolences to the family of Allison Benson for their tragic loss.

Donations to this fund will go to the Allison Benson Memorial Scholarship for future Kansas State University students studying abroad with IAU. This scholarship in Allison's name will go to deserving students who carry on the legacy of Allison's bright spirit and luminosity. 

For more information about the Allison Benson Memorial Scholarship, please contact 
Kurt Schick, Vice President of U.S. Operations.

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Remember IAU in Your Estate Plans: The Mont Sainte-Victoire Society

IAU is extremely grateful to our alumni and other supporters who have remembered IAU in their estate planning. The Mont Saint-Victoire Legacy Society is an association for donors who have included IAU in their estate plans through a planned gift or other charitable donation.

If you have already included IAU in your estate plans, please let us know so we can honor and thank you and include you as a member of our Mont Sainte-Victoire Society.

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Have you heard about IAU's Alumni Ambassador Program? If you are interested in staying connected to your time abroad with IAU, spreading the word about study abroad, and sharing your love for international travel with others, then the Alumni Ambassador Program might be for you! The IAU Ambassador Program was established in 2010 as a way to organize the more than 20,000 alumni who have completed their summer, semester, J-Term, or academic year at IAU. The goal of the program is to build a volunteer corps that can best represent IAU and to develop a robust and active network of IAU students, past, present, and future. Alumni of IAU have gone on to become diplomats, businessmen and women, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and leaders in their respective fields. The IAU Ambassadors form a prestigious group designed for interested IAU alumni to share their study abroad experience with prospective students, faculty, and the study abroad office on their home campus as well as organize with other alumni to keep the IAU network strong. Over the years, the program has evolved, and now in addition to fulfilling the program's original goals, IAU Ambassadors assist with visits to other university campuses, represent IAU at Study Abroad Fairs across the United States, and organize alumni events across the nation. IAU Ambassadors are drawn from all IAU programs, academic disciplines, and class years. IAU has over 40 ambassadors representing it at over 30 universities.

Applicants must be:

  • Former IAU student from any IAU program and location
  • Able to commit about 10 hours of time per semester
  • Excited to talk about studying abroad with prospective students!

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